Saying Goodbye: A Couple Pelikan M620 Cities Series

Pelikan M620 Shanghai and Piazza Novana for sale

Last week I sold off two of my Pelikan M620 Cities Series fountain pens. The Pelikan Piazza Navona and Pelikan Shanghai both joined my accumulation in 2005. I was enamored with the designs. It was a time when I wanted to experiment with different nibs, so both cam with broad nibs.

It didn’t take too long for me to realize that broad nibs weren’t for me, no matter how much I liked the look of the pen. At least not for anything more than a brief change of pace.

I really liked the pens so when the 2013 Washington DC Pen Show came around, I brought them with me to have them ground. As I mentioned in my Piazza Navona review a fine nib felt like a waste of tipping material, so I went with a stub. I figured a stub would bring some excitement. I was wrong. While the stubs were nice, and I generally like them, they were still too wide for me to use regularly. The pens were only inked three times each since the pen show. Even when inked, they saw little use. Only the Shanghai has been inked in the last five years, and that was in 2017.

I suppose a grind to a fine or extra fine nib would get the pens more use. While the pens are beautiful, they got a lot more competition for my attention these days. Plus, the history of two bad choices (for me) leaves some bad associations with the pens. The pens are great writers and beautiful, so it was time for them to go to a better home.

I did keep one M620, the Piccadilly Circus. Aesthetically it was my least favorite of the three, but it has a medium nib. Yes, the nibs are easily interchangeable, but I do have an aversion to changing a pens original equipment. Even when that equipment is designed to be swapped.

There’s not much else for me to say. The pens are beautiful and great writers, just not for me. I’m trying to get down to a core group of pens I can use regularly. The lack of use doesn’t give me much to say about them.

2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye: A Couple Pelikan M620 Cities Series

  1. My Picaddilly Circus May be my favorite Pelikan of all. I have two M800s that either leak where the barrel meets the section or have such an idiosyncratic “sweet spot” as to be almost unusable. The only other decent Pelikans I own is an M215, which I used to write much of a novel.

    • Hi James, sorry for the long delayed response.

      I eventually sold my the Piccadilly I mentioned here. Interesting that you had problems with the build of Pelikans. I do find their nibs a crap shoot. Nice writers in my experience, but rarely the size it’s supposed to be, Typically wide, even for German nibs. My earlier experience (such these pens) was better. Never had a sweet spot issue, but it wouldn’t surprise me due to the variations I’ve seen.

      Are you the James Watts that wrote “Them”, among others, I see on Amazon. if not, want to share the book title?

      Thanks for reading,

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