Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – St. Patrick’s Day Edition

My fountain pen usage ticked up a little this past week. I finally got back into the habit of journaling every evening evening, which gets me using my pens. The regular posts to this blog also helps, since the firs draft is always done with a fountain pen.

Unfortunately I’ll miss the Long Island Pen Show again this year. There’s still time to get there today (Sunday). Check out the links below.

In the spirit of the day, these are the pens I’ll be using today. Both have green ink of course. The Sheaffer has Montblanc Irish Green ink which is even more appropriate.

Fisher of Pens Hermes and Sheaffer Balance II Jade Green

Hippo Noto, the A5 Standard/B6 Pygmy Invasion by Squishy-Ink — Kickstarter // They had some issues fulfilling their first Kickstarter. Hopefully, they learned and things will be better this time. I’m passing on this one since I don’t need more notebooks.

Crónicas Estilográficas: 150 Years of Maruzen

Green Ink Comparison — Mountain of Ink // Seems an appropriate color for today.

Overlooked and Underloved: Three Fountain Pens That Don’t Get the Attention They Deserve — The Gentleman Stationer // The Lamy 2000 is the only one of these I’ve used, and it’s worth it.

canetas e coisas: STIPULA

On attempting to score the currently inked. | Fountain pen blog // An interesting exercise, but a little too formal for me. Although, I probably subconsciously do some similar when deciding what pens to ink up.

Birmingham Pen February 2019 Ink Subscription — Mountain of Ink // I wasn’t familiar with this store (or was familiar and forgot). They’re all-in with a subscription box and their own ink brand.

Review: Nock Co Tallulah — Alt. Haven // The Tallulah is case I currently I use the carry my pens, the other cases are for storage.

PSA: The Long Island Pen Show Is This Weekend – – Fountain Pen, Ink, and Stationery Reviews // There’s still time to get there today.

Is Your Disassembly Really Necessary? – Pen Thoughts // I hate disassembling pens just for cleaning or routine maintenance. If I need to take a pen apart there’s been a failure someplace.