Saying Goodbye: Two Platinum Fountain Pens

Platinum #3776 Century BourgnoneI sold off another couple of fountain pens this past week. Both were Platinum 3776 Century pens. One with an extra fine nib, the other with a fine nib. Being Japanese nibs, they were on the thin side of fine and extra fine. I should love them. I haven’t used either pen in the five or so years that I’ve been keeping track.

This isn’t the first time I considered selling the pens, but it’s the only time the potential of those nibs didn’t make me keep them.

I’m not a fan of translucent colored pens or gold trim. So, I kept passing over these pens when considering what to ink up next. Yes I know, the Pilot Custom 823 has both these traits and I love it. In my defense, should the 823 become available with a clear (or solid) barrel and with silver trim, I would replace mine without a second thought.

For a while, I used the low resale price to justify keeping these pens. Since they sell for considerably less in Japan (or on eBay and Amazon) than in the US (nearly 1/2 the price), the resale price would be substantially less than what I paid. But with my current mindset of a pen needing to earn its place in my accumulation I couldn’t keep a pen that never got used. I inked them up for testing. While they wrote perfectly, neither made me want to keep it inked up in place of one of my currently inked pens. So they both went up for sale and have since moved on to more appreciative homes.



3 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye: Two Platinum Fountain Pens

    • Added to that is I came across another one a couple days ago. Clear with silver trim “Shoji” I think. Fine gold nib. I should like the pen but I forgot all about it and haven’t missed it.

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