Pens For Sale: Clearance Time

All the pens in this post have been sold and photos have been removed.

I’m trying to sell off my lower value, long-ignored fountain pens in an efficient way. All pens are in excellent condition, some may have micro-scratches, some look (or actually are) unused. No box or paperwork is included for any pen. There’s no converter unless it’s specifically listed for the pen. If a year is listed, it’s when I bought the pen new. There may have been design changes for the model since I bought the pen. All are steel nibs except the Platinum Shoji.

Quantity discount: Take 5% off two pens, 10% off three or more pens
Shipping: Free for orders over $50 (after qty discount), otherwise $8.00 (US only) If you want a signature required delivery (to avoid the pen walking off your porch) you can request it. It will cost an extra $3, even for free shipping.

If you’re interested, reach me using [ray [@]] or the contact form at the bottom of this page.

  1. TWSBI Diamond 540 In Demonstrator, Stub 1.5mm nib (2012) – $20 (SOLD)
  2. Libelle Granite In Burgundy, Medium nib (2004)$15 (SOLD)
  3. Libelle Epic In Bamboo with Stainless Steel, Medium nib (2005) – $20 (SOLD)
  4. Libelle Nature Collection In Tuscan Sunset, Medium nib (2004) – $10 (SOLD)
    The barrel keeps turning when the cap is screwed on. It doesn’t feel secure, although the cap doesn’t fall off. Stripped threads.
  5. Libelle Nature Collection In Mother of Pearl, Medium nib w/converter (2004) – $25 (SOLD)
  6. Libelle Nature Collection In Mosaic, Medium nib w/converter (2004) – $25 (SOLD)
  7. Karas Customs Ink (1st Model) in Orange, steel broad nib, brass section (2014) – $39 (SOLD)
  8. Karas Customs Ink (1st Model) in Gold, medium nib, brass section (2015) – $39 (SOLD)
  9. Karas Customs Ink (1st Model) in Red, medium nib, brass section – $39 (SOLD)
  10. Kaweco Student in White w/Silver trim, fine nib, (2013) – $20 (SOLD)
  11. Kaweco Allrounder in Black w/silver trim, extra fine nib (2013) – $45 (SOLD)
  12. Monteverde Regatta In Sea Green w/steel medium nib (2004) – $20 (SOLD)
  1. Pilot Prera In Yellow, Fine nib, mint condition, still has tags/stickers (2012) – $20 (SOLD)
  2. Cult Pens Mini Fountain Pen, BB nib (extra broad) (2014) – $15 (SOLD)
  3. Platinum 3776 Shoji LE #1232, Clear (slight blue tint) with silver trim, 14K Gold extra fine nib, includes a silver converter (2012) – $75 (SOLD)
  4. Faber-Castell E-Motion, White Rhombus Design, medium steel nib (2012) – $49 (SOLD)

This is more pens than I usually like to sell at one time. Please allow for some delay in my responses and updating the sale status on this page. The first “I want it” gets the pen(s). Questions, including inquiries about availability or expressing interest will not hold the pen.

If you’re interested, reach me using [ray [@]] or contact form below.