For Sale: Field Notes

All Field Notes in this post have been sold.

I came across a couple boxes of paper as I was packing to move. Paper is heavy so I’m clearing out some Field Notes that I know I’ll never use. U.S. shipping is included in the price. I’ll only ship within the U.S. for these notebooks.

All are sealed 3-packs unless otherwise noted,

If you’re interested, reach me using [ray [@]] or the contact form here.

Click the image for a larger photo.

Field Notes FN-01b Red Blooded, Sealed 3 Pack – $39 (SOLD)

Field Notes Coal x DDC Limited Edition Sealed 3 pack plus 2 loose notebooks (5 notebooks total) – $49 (SOLD)

Field Notes FNC-24 Unexposed, 1 sealed 3-pack & 1 opened 3 pack – $35 (SOLD)

Field Notes FNC-19 Night Sky, sealed 3-pack – $35 (SOLD)