Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – May 5, 2019

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last Trail Log. Since then several of my pens have been written dry. Although, this was more coincidence than increased usage. The Platinum 3776 Ribbed was the first to go dry. This surprised me because it was inked with a cartridge just a little one a month before and the UEF nib is stingy with ink. This pen doesn’t have the Platinum slip & seal cap, so evaporation probably claimed more ink than writing did.

The Sailor KOP also went dry but will return soon. The Esterbrook Estie was collecting ink outside the cartridge (seemed to be more creep than leak). It was the factory supplied cartridge, so its life was limited from the beginning. I’ll be switching to an Esterbrook nib soon enough. Finally, the Aurora Optima was written dry.

I haven’t inked, or re-inked, any replacements to force me to the 10 pens I still have inked.

I’m done selling pens, at least for now. I ended up selling 35 pens, although I did add one. (I replaced the Tortoise Estie with an Evergreen Estie). I did withdraw one pen, the Pelikan M101N Lizard, to avoid an anticipated severe case of seller’s remorse. Of the pens I offered for sale, the M101N is the only pen I truly felt that I would miss and regret selling, despite it not having been used for a couple of years.

My pen accumulation reached two milestones, at least I think they’re milestones. My accumulation dropped below 100 pens, and I’ve now sold, given away or lost more pens than I currently have.

I’ve been moving more toward cartridges, although I’ve found that pens I like to use are either piston fillers or use a proprietary cartridge. So I did order some new ink cartridges and sort through the ones I have. It’s not a lot, and most are shown below. The new cartridges were mainly restocked proprietary cartridges along with two new Montblanc colors (Emerald Green & Spider Grey).

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