Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log -July 14, 2019


Much like the frequency to these Trail Logs, my fountain pen usage has dropped.

I did write my Pilot Vanishing Point dry but immediately reloaded it with another Pilot Black ink cartridge. But not much else tase changed.

There’s about a month’s worth of links below.


Passing The Torch: 70 Years Of Service « The Pelikan’s Perch // Pelikan is a 181-year-old company. One man has worked there for 70 years, finally completely retired after his 90th birthday. His replacement has yet to break the 50 years mark a Pelikan.

Stationery Supplies and Set-Up for Travel, Part 2 – Wonder Pens – Life Behind a Stationery Shop // After reading about her setup, read about the trip in future posts.

The simple joy of mucking about with pens | UK fountain pens // Things to do with a parts bin or a finicky pen.

The “Active Service” Parker Challenger Set – Goodwriterspens’s Blog // A nice bit of history – and marketing.

How I do ink swatches | UK fountain pens // I no longer feel compelled to do ink swatches anymore, but this sounds like a good plan of I ever decide to do them.

Six long-gone pens I miss — and what I’ve done about it | UK fountain pens // I’ve yet to miss any pens that I’ve sold, at least not to the point of regret.

The Waterman Keyhole Nib – Goodwriterspens’s Blog // Another trip back in time.

1920s Black Hard Rubber Blackbird – Goodwriterspens’s Blog // A tire pen.

Bentley Will, In Fact, Sell You a $700 Pen // I like reading about fountain pens in mainstream publications which make fun of the price. I have no idea if this pen is worth $700, but I’ve spent that much on a pen.

Why (and how) I just sold 70 bottles of ink | UK fountain pens // I still have a lot of ink and may try the same thing.

PEN SHOW VISIT: DUTCH PEN SHOW (UTRECHT) | The Pencilcase Blog | Fountain pen, Pencil, Ink and Paper reviews // I always like pen show write-ups.

It’s the Little Things | From the Pen Cup // I can relate, I came very close to buying this pen.

State of the collection: July 2019 | UK fountain pens // Maybe I’ll eventually get down to 25 pens. I’m not sure I could move pens in and out on a regular basis for variety.

Let’s Talk About Sepia Ink – The Well-Appointed Desk // I’ve always been confused about the modern definition of sepia ink.