Vintage Parkers For Sale

The pens in this post are no longer available.

As much as I like the celluloid used on these vintage Vacumatics, I haven’t been using the pens, so I’ll be keeping my favorite and passing the rest along to more appreciative homes.

There’s no boxes or paperwork included.

Shipping in the U.S. is $7.90 (small flat rate box) for as many pens as will fit in the box unless otherwise noted. Payment is via PayPal Goods & Services and ships only to addresses in the PayPal payment. Sorry, no international shipping for these pens. U.S. based forwarding services are OK as long as the U.S. address is in your PayPal payment.

Prices are firm, although multiple pen purchases won’t increase shipping costs as long as they fit in the box. Plus I’ll take 5% off the pen prices if you buy two or more at one time.


Parker 1939 Blue Diamond Vacumatic Maxima, Golden Pearl w/Gold Trim (14kt gold Fine nib)Celluloid varies, very worn in spots, vibrant in others. Gold trim. This was restored in 2013 and has seen little use since then. $90 plus shipping. (SOLD)


Parker 1945 Striped Duofold Senior, Red/Gray Striped w/Gold Trim (14kt gold V-Design nib)Good transparency although there is some ambling visible when held to the light. This was restored in 2013 and has seen little use since then. $150 plus shipping. (SOLD)

The following pen leaks and is sold “as-is”:

Parker 1928/1929 Duofold Senior, Duofold Orange w/Gold Trim. Dual Bands w/Flat Top (14kt gold fine nib)PEN LEAKS – sold as-is. The pen does take in ink and will write, but the ink leaks from around the nib making it messy and unusable. $90 plus shipping. (SOLD)