Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – August 25, 2019

Photo of three Sheaffers added to the rotation

As mentioned in last week’s trail log, I wanted to ink up some Sheaffers and start using them. I was a bit disappointed as all my Balance Oversize pens needed new sacs. I knew I had several Sheaffers needing sacs, I didn’t realize it was every Oversize that I own. So I had to pick from my other Sheaffers.

I picked two vintage Triumphs and a more modern Legacy 1 with a stub nib. The Legacy I is a touchdown filler, the more recent type that’s removable, so a cartridge can be used. It was filled with P.W. Akkerman Dutch Masters Steenrood van Vermeer ink.

Both Triumphs and use Sheaffer’s vacuum-fil plunger filling system. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed the conical “Triumph” nib, and my previous disappointment vanished. The Triumph Lifetime has an extra-fine nib and was filled with Montblanc Bordeaux ink. The Triumph Sentinal has a fine nib and was filled with R & K Blau-Schwarz LE (Blue-Black) ink.

Even though I recently refilled my Fisher of Pens, Hermes I flushed it out. Not due to any problem, but it’s been very hot recently and I didn’t want to risk leaving the pen in a hot car, which meant it would sit home unused (it’s too long for either a shirt-pocket carry and for the case I’m currently using). My Montblanc Ultra-Black was written dry and returned to the case. It was replaced in spirit (meaning I enjoy the nib but it’s completely unsuitable for everyday use by me) by the Legacy I.

Esterbrook Pen Nooks: bringing some pizzazz to pen storage | UK fountain pens // These are a different style than I typically see, I find them intriguing. I’m not in the market for any pen cases, but if I was I think I’d pass on these unless I wanted them for desk-bound storage.

canetas e coisas: MOONMAN // I don’t pay too much attention to pen reviews or announcements these days, mainly in order to avoid temptation. Bit Moonman is a name I’ve been seeing more and more. So I searched Amazon and fount their most expensive pen was about $35. No wonder they’re so popular (apparently). Nice pen.

Which Pen? – Goodwriterspens’s Blog // I’m trying to thin my accumulation, but one pen? But she has a point. I have to agree that the nib is a big factor for me too.

It’s A Spanner! It’s A Wrench! It’s Pelikan’s Vintage Nib Removal Tool! « The Pelikan’s Perch // More good Pelikan information from Joshua.

Off-Topic – Hasbro Now Owns Death Row Records – Stereogum For some reason this struck me as both wrong and interesting.