Clearing Out Some Retro 51 Rollerballs

These pens re no longer available.

I’m getting near the end of the line in the process of focusing my accumulation. It’s time to switch to my non-fountain pens. So this post is for my Retro 51 rollerballs. Give me a firm I want it and I’ll reserve the pen for you and send a PayPal invoice. E-Mail me at ray [at] fpquest[dot]com or use the form here.

All pens include the refill listed although the amount of ink left is unknown, they could have pages worth of ink or go dry when writing the first sentence. No packaging or paperwork is included, just the pens. Prices are firm, although I’ll take off 10% if you buy two or more Retro 51’s AND the total is over $35 before shipping. Shipping is a flat $7.90 no matter how many pens are included. Shipping is only within the United States. No trades since that defeats the purpose of slimming my accumulation.

The pens are listed in the same order as the photos (L -> R). Click the photo for a full-size photo.

Retro 51 Rollerballs for Sale #1

Retro 51 Hot Coffee (Goldspot Pens exclusive): Excellent Condition Schmidt P8126 Red Refill – $25 (On Hold)

Retro 51 Monroe (Vintage Metalsmith): Excellent condition. Schmidt P8126 Red Refill – $35 (Sold)

Retro 51 Black Stealth: Excellent condition. Retro 51 REF5P Refill – $15

Retro 51 Green Lacquer: Small chip in the lacquer (see third photo above or the close-up below). I noticed several other small chips after taking the photos. Retro 51 REF5P Refill – Withdrawn

Retro 51 Vintage Surf Limited Edition (#069 of 500) – Wooden barrel that’s slightly thicker than the metal Retros. Excellent condition. Schmidt P8126 Black Refill – $35 (Sold)

Roosevelt (Vintage Metalsmith): Excellent condition. Schmidt P8128 Black Refill – $16 (Sold)

Retro 51 Tiki Kona: As I previously mentioned, the clip is slightly off-center with the nose on the head. It’s subtle and hard to see in the photo, but once you see it live you will never not see it. At least that was my experience. It was that way when new, so the clip is secure. Bamboo barrel that is slightly thicker than the metal barrel Retro 51 rollerballs. Otherwise excellent condition. Retro 51 REF5P Refill – $35 (On Hold)

Retro 51 Bamboo: Bamboo barrel that’s slightly thicker than the metal Retro 51 Tornado. Excellent condition. Schmidt P8126 Blue Refill – $25 (On Hold)

As previously mentioned, the refills are used with an unknown amount of ink left. No original packaging or paperwork on any pen.