Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – January 5, 2020


Happy New Year, everyone! Not too much to say here as the year-end hustle & bustle kept my pen usage down. The Pilot Vanishing Point did go dry, although I didn’t re-ink it. There’s a lot of ink on the nib is I want to give the pen a thorough cleaning in case there’s a lot of dried ink around the trapdoor. So I’m down to three inked pens:

  1. Kaweco Brass Sport with an EF nib and Kaweco Red ink (cartridge)
  2. Pilot Custom 823 with a Fine nib and Pilot Black ink
  3. Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe with an EF nib and Sailor Kilwa-Guro Pigmented Back ink cartridge

The Kaweco Brass Sport is finally getting some use now that the Vanishing Point isn’t in my pocket.

I moved into a new office as the year began, which will allow me to get some desk pens back into rotation. They should get a lot of use (relative t recent history) since I’ll spend a lot of time in the office. I’m waiting to settle in before I start inking up some pens, but that should be soon.

Some housekeeping: I’m going to try moving this site to a self-hosted server (currently, it’s on There may be some outages or weirdness as things move over. If it ends up being more effort than I’m willing to put in, then it will stay here, and the ads will return. I do not promise no ads if the site moves, but I’ll have more control over them if I do decide to have some on the site.

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