Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – February 2, 2020

Photo of my Fisher of Pens Hermes fountain pen
Fisher of Pens Hermes

My fountain pen usage ticked up a little bit these past week, thanks mainly to the drafts of two future articles for this sight. I’m about to write the Fisher of Pens Hermes dry. It did stop, but then I forced every last drop of that precious Montblanc Bordeaux ink into the feed. So, there’s less than a feed’s worth left. I’m considering a Bordeaux refill but will probably put it aside for another pen. Although, it serves as a good excuse to put off cleaning the pen. The four inked up Sheaffers are getting more use and I’m enjoying them.

Photo of my Sheaffer Balance Oversize
Sheaffer Balance Oversize Grey Marble c.1935

I’ve had my new to me Sheaffer Balance Oversize Grey Marble long enough to promote it to being a core pen. Hopefully this one will do better than its siblings. I love the vintage Balance Oversize, it’s a good size for me with a great nib. But, they’ve been prone to breaking, with my other three in the repair queue. Although the Marine Green is probably beyond repair and I’ll have to find a replacement cap which technically isn’t a repair.

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