Core Pen Review: Kaweco Brass Sport

Kaweco Brass Sport in pen loop

While slimming my fountain pen accumulation, I ended up with 14 core pens (recently increased to 15). Core pens are the fountain pens that stood the test of time and earned a regular place in the rotation. Some pens were picked because they fill a role perfectly, despite other deficiencies. While other pens where selected because they are the complete package, perfect for my hand and great aesthetically. The Kaweco Brass Sport falls somewhere in between.

The Brass Sport is the perfect pocket pen while also developing a character that I like aesthetically. The pen lives in my trouser pocket, along with my keys and the occasional loose change. The pen holds up well to the abuse of the metal objects in the same pocket. Those dings give the Brass Sport some character along with the patina that develops on the brass.

photo of my Kaweco Brass Sport
current photo of the Kaweco Brass Sport

I ended up keeping the Aluminum Sport too, although it may never get used again. The Patina on the Kaweco Brass Sport can develop into outright crud if I put the pen in a pen case for storage. I don’t like polishing my pens, so this provides an excuse to keep the pen always inked up. Between the occasional use and abuse from keys and coins sharing the pocket, the patina is kept under control. I already owned the Aluminum model, so I kept it as a spare in case the Brass Sport goes missing. If the Brass model was to go missing, I would use the Aluminum Sport, rather than buy a new Brass model.

I bought the kaweco Brass Sport in July 2015 and wrote a long-term review less than a year ago.

The pen remains a pocket carry exclusively. It mainly gets used when I don’t have another pen handy or left home without any fountain pens. It moves from pocket to pocket with my keys, so I always have it with me.

photo of my Kaweco Brass Sport (posted)
current photo of my Kaweco Brass Sport (posted)

It just doesn’t get used very often. Even though it is usually in my pockets, literally within arms reach, I usually forget about it. Attested to by the fact it’s missing from several currently inked pictures since it was out of mind when I took the photo. It usually gets used after a “crap, I forgot my fountain pens” moment, which is then followed by an “oh yeah” moment, and I pull out the Brass Sport. Despite the neglect, the pen never fails to write. Possibly because it’s bouncing around in my pocket, although that doesn’t result in a lot of ink in the cap. When posted, the Sport is a regular length. The weight of the Brass doesn’t bother me, and I can use it for long writing sessions. There’s no reason to skip over it, I never think of it.

Some people complain about the smell of the brass, although I never noticed it, so I was never bothered by it.

I’ve had a couple other Kaweco Sports over the years. I found the plastic models too light for my tastes. The aesthetics of the Brass Sport won out over the different metal versions that I had.

The converters available for the Sport, at least the ones I’ve tried, were impractical at best and unusable at worst. I’ve never been one to refill cartridges, so I always used short international cartridges. My ink choice is typically black or red, with red being the must more common choice.

The Kaweco Brass Sport is a core pen primarily because of its functionality as a pocket pen. All Sports have the same functionality, but I like the added weight of the Brass. If a pen is too light, I find myself gripping it tightly, which fatigues my hand rather quickly. So, the Kaweco Brass Sport made the cut as a core pen.

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