Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – February 16, 2020

Photo of my newest pens - Pelikan M815 and Sailor Realo

I wrote my vintage Sheaffer Balance Oversize dry this week. Well, almost dry, then I refilled it with the same R&K Blau-Schwarz LE in.

The two pens I ordered arrived, and have been inked up. I didn’t wait to use up the ink in other pens before I inked them up, despite that being my plan. The Pelikan M815 Metal Stripped SE was inked with Pelikan 4001 Blue-Back ink. The Sailor Realo got Iroshizuku Fuyu-Syogun ink, which is a grey ink.

I did start journalling again in the evening, although it’s been sporadic and I’m not confident that I’ll stick with it. At this point it’s mainly an excuse to use my pens.

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