Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – March 22, 2020

Photo of my Royal Tangerine KOP

My latest pen purchased arrived on Thursday. A Royal Tangerine Sailor King of Pen with a medium left oblique nib. It was the one pen on my want list that I was ready to buy. I already have a KOP that I love, and I’ve seen the Royal Tangerine Sailor 1911s in person. So, while I was hoping to see one at a pen show, just to be sure the similarity to the 1911 color didn’t end with the name, it was becoming apparent that there wouldn’t be any pen shows for awhile, especially not the ones I was considering attending. So, I pulled the trigger and ordered one from Classic Fountain Pens. So far I’m happy with it. I went with CFP because I could get the left oblique nib grind that I wanted in the same transaction.

Photo of the left oblique nib

My pen usage picked up this week since work slowed to a crawl, and I’ve been home. It’s a good opportunity to use my fountain pens. While I didn’t participate in InCoWriMo, I did receive a couple letters (thanks!). So, I can use this time to respond. The info I found is inconsistent, but the virus could survive on paper anywhere from hours to days (like I said, inconsistent). And who know what it will touch on the way. So for now, I’ll play it safe and write them, but hold them. They aren’t all that important, so no sense taking a chance.

It’s probably related to the COVID-19 fears, but I’ve been itching to buy stuff (and I don’t mean toilet paper). I love the look of the Sailor Epinard 1911 Ringless and it’s hard not to buy one. I have to keep reminding myself that there’s a reason I sold all my Sailor 1911s, except the heavier metal one. I’ll keep wishing for a KOP version. Even worse, I want one of the new iPad Pros too, even though I have the previous model, and the new model doesn’t add anything I’ve been wanting or need. I may get that overpriced keyboard once it’s available, but it will work with my current model. I already use a mouse and external keyboard with my iPad so I may just stick with what I have. Portability isn’t a huge benefit these days. The new keyboard won’t be out until May, so I’ll have time to try keyboard/mouse support with my current setup. Luckily a new iPad Pro is impossible for me to justify. My wallet should be safe from that bullet.

I couldn’t sleep Friday night, so it was time for bourbon and pens. The pens got a lot of use. I have a baker’s dozen inked up and I’ve been rotating through them. So, it may be awhile before any go dry.

Photo of pens & bourbon

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Daily updated COVID-19 cases – All this I’m trying to avoid reading to much news these days, just enough to get any required info. But this is a good “facts only” look at where we stand. And yes, the “facts” rely on the underlying data which has issues that are documented on the COVID Tracking Project Website, but they seem to be using the best available sources.