Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – March 29, 2020

Photo of my pen choices for the week ahead
My primary pen choices for the week ahead.

Not too much to report this week. I wrote the Sailer Realo dry of it’s first fill of ink. I filled it with Iroshizuku Funyuns-Syogun back on February 25th and wrote it dry this past Wednesday while I was writing up my first impressions of the pen. (Hopefully to be published in the next day or two.)

I didn’t re-ink the Realo because I have another dozen pens inked up. I think this week I’ll concentrate of using the Sheaffers, along with the new Tangerine King of Pen.

I inked up the Edison Collier a couple weeks ago and finally used it for more than quick notes. Even though I have multiple pens inked up, it was with the intent of picking new ones each day, that’s not the reality. I tend to stick with a pen as my primary writer for several days, rarely using the others. Eventually I either write it dry or get bored with it. In this case I wrote the Realo dry and switched to the Collier. It was a nice reminder that the Collier is a nice big pen that comfortable to use. Plus, Edison always has well-tuned nibs.

My Pilot Vanishing Point caused me problems, which is completely out of character. It’s using a Pilot Black ink cartridge, a frequent choice for this pen. It was so clogged that I had to run the nib under the faucet to wash away the ink. Unfortunately, by the time it could write, I no longer wanted to use it. (It’s easier to pick another pen up while at my desk than it use to get out of my chair and walk 15 feet or so to a sink.) It’s using a needlepoint nib, but this is the only time I can recall needing anything more than gravity to get it to write.

I also remembered why I sold my left oblique Montblanc pen. While I love the nib style, it isn’t suited for a lot of my pen usage. If I’m writing at a desk or table, on a flat pad, or paper flat on the desk, it’s great. But, if the notebook is bound and isn’t flat, such as the Seven Seas notebooks I like, it can be a challenge to comfortably maintain the proper angle for the nib. But with a flat writing surface, using proper writing posture, the my normal grip keeps the nib at the proper angle.

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