Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – April 12, 2020

Photo of my 9 currently inked pens
I’m down to 9 inked pens, 3 less than last Sunday. While I planned to photograph my entire desk, it’s even messier than last week, so a tight crop on the fountain pens. The brown notebook that is behind the pens is the Doane Paper pocket notebook that’s my current journal.

It certainly feels like my fountain pen usage was way up this past week, I wrote three pens dry on Friday – the vintage Grey Marble Sheaffer Balance Oversize and two of my three Sheaffer Balance IIs. The third Balance II is writing with just the ink left in the feed, so it will soon join it’s siblings. All these pens were inked in mid-January, so it’s not like I used them up quickly. What I find really amazing is that I was consistent enough in rotating my pen usage that they all went dry on the same day. While I don’t keep track of these things, it’s the only time I can remember this happening.

I’ve been journaling consistently, using my pocket notebook. As expected, the smaller size is more motivating. As is the structure of one two-page spread per day. It’s quick enough that I don’t put it off in the morning or evening. There was one night I completely forgot, my compulsion for structure, and not leaving a blank page, had me fill in that page the next morning before I wrote my regular morning entry.

I’m left with nine inked pens. My two remaining Sheaffers are low on ink and at least one will go dry today. I started with the Aspen and will switch to the Balance Oversize when the Aspen goes dry. I’m still debating what to ink up to replace all the no-empty pens. I’m leaning towards re-inking the Sheaffer level fillers since that’s so much easier than flushing them out. Plus, they’d great pens.

I’m back to browsing eBay for pens. So far I’ve been quickly outbid on the couple that I bid on. I wasn’t surprised since I placed relatively low bids that matched my enthusiasm for the pen. I have a simple rule for eBay bidding. Figure out how much I’m willing to pay, then place a maximum bid for that amount. If it’s a pen I really want I’ll set a reminder for when the auction is nearly over, then bid near the end. Basically, a manual snipe. My pet peeve is people who place bids just above the current bid, and keep raising it as they are outbid. (FYI – eBay proxy bids and will automatically raise bids up to the bidders maximum.) As a seller I loved these because these folks seem to be the ones that get carried away and concentrate on winning the auction. My brain finds it completely illogical. As a buyer I hate it for the same reason, I almost prefer to lose these auctions than have them drop out just shy of hitting my maximum bid.

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