Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – April 19, 2020

Photo of my 8 currently inked fountain pens
My 8 currently inked fountain pens, plus a rollerball.

As I mentioned last week, my Balance II Aspen was nearly empty. Sure enough, it went dry Sunday afternoon. I was the only pen that went dry last week. My usage was down little last week, consisting of mainly journal entries along with a few notes and lists. I am consistently rotating through my pens, giving them all a little use. I’ve also been prefect in writing in my pocket notebook journal to bookend each day.

Anderson Pens is continuing their unrestored vintage event on eBay. Back when the first announced the event in their stores I considered using this as one excuse for a road trip. But, I couldn’t find enough other excuses to justify it at that time of year, which in retrospect was probably a good thing. So, I’ve been watching the auctions and did win one lot of pens. Most have been going for more than I’m willing to pay. Last week I mentioned my pet peeve (as a buyer) was people who kept manually bidding up the price. Someone did this at the very end of this auction by placing several $1 raises near the end. This cost them, as they snuck in a bid a few sections before the auction ended which exactly matched mine. But, since mine was in earlier so, they lost the auction. I wouldn’t have been upset if they outbid me as I’m main motivation for bidding was that this would probably sell for for less than other lots, while providing a few pens I could practice restoring.

In browsing retailers to see if wooden VPs were still available in the U.S. (triggered by the Scrively article linked below) I came across two pens I want. The first, a Sailor King of Pen Dragonfly and Waterfall Limited Edition is $5K. I don’t like it that much but, it’s gorgeous. The second is a much more obtainable Pilot Vanishing Point Stripes that did catch my eye when it was first announced. As I mention below, the metal VPs aren’t my favorite models, and I already have two (It’s tough getting old, I forgot I already sold them both). But, I am considering selling one, or both, and buying this one as a replacement.

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The Cross Apogee fountain pen, revisited. | Fountain pen blog // I owned the Chrome version at one time, but sold it. While many folks like it, a couple commented so on my review it just didn’t grab me.

Not that I need more ink, but… | From the Pen Cup // Green is my favorite color, although I’ve yet to find that perfect green ink. II think being a favorite color makes it harder to find the right ink. Montblanc Irish Green is probably my favorite, but it’s not a slam dunk and Akkerman #28 Hofkwartier Groen is a contender. As is Omas Green, although the it is no longer made.

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Comparative Overview: Pilot Capless – Metal vs Wood – Scrively // I’m a fan of the wood models. I had both the black and the red model at one time (called “Cherry Bamboo” and “Black Bamboo” in the U.S., despite not being bamboo. I sold the black model but still have the red, along with the Maplewood SE. I just didn’t need all three. A cursory search of U.S. retailers indicates it’s not available anymore in the States. I do remember reading that the black version was no longer available here.

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