Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – May 10, 2020

Photo of my currently inked pens
Currently inked – the lucky 13

As attested to by all my posts last week, which all started as handwritten drafts, I’m continuing to use my fountain pens. Yesterday, I finished another pocket notebook journal by not missing any entries. Last week I mentioned that I’d switch to a larger notebook. While that’s still true, I switched fro the Doane Paper Boxcar to a Field Notes Dime Novel. I came across an open Dime Novel package, so I picked it rather than breaking the seal on another three-pack.

I ended up moving my desk on Saturday. Well, more like turning it, but it still required me to empty it out then put everything back. The desk has never been neater, so I took some photos. I may publish a tour later in the week. While that was a significant effort, Saturday is also the day I put on my sweatpants (more like pajama pants) rather than regular pants. It was cold and windy when I woke up, and I had no intention of leaving my apartment, not even to take out the garbage.

After publishing my initial post about the Leonardo Messenger, some brain cells activated, and I remembered a comment by Pamelake about using decorative paper inside the barrel. While my resources are currently limited to what I already have, I did scotch tape the chrome on the converter. This dulled the shine enough so that it is no longer shiny. The color now looks close to the whiter swirls, not a beacon calling for attention. Now my only complaint is that while not shiny, it’s still a regular shape, not a swirl. But much better, in my opinion. I didn’t have any paper thin enough to fit around the converter in the barrel. Still, my tests with white paper left me believing I’d need a thin green tissue paper, and even that might not work. So, when craft stores open and I can venture out, I’ll look for something to paint over or mask the chrome. If that fails, some green tissue paper.

New Arrivals

  1. The Benu Minima with its fine nib arrived Tuesday. I’m happy with the green acrylic.
  2. My Diplomat Aero Volute LE arrived on Friday. It’s grey, and I love it. I got this one with a fine nib to distinguish it from my original orange/black Aero.


Nothing, and at the risk of becoming a liar, nothing on the horizon.

Written Dry

  1. The Namiki Sterling Dragon was written dry this past week. It was filled with Iroshizuku Shin-ryoku back on April 19th and went dry on May 5th.

Newly Inked

In line with my current practice, both new pens, the Benu Minima **and the **Diplomat Aero Volute, were inked up with the included ink cartridges. This brings me up to a lucky 13 inked fountain pens.

Fountain Pen Review: BENU Tessera Amber | Rants of The Archer // The Benu brand has caught my eye recently, and I made a purchase, as noted above. I’m still undecided as to whether or not I like the look of this particular Tessera. I suspect it looks better in real life than in photos.

Notebook Muse // Baron Fig mini hack – Weirdoforest Pens // This makes me want to pull out the few notebook covers that I have and try to find a suitable notebook. I’ve never found a cover that works for me. My favorite (meaning one that I actually use) is a simple, thin clear plastic cover.

Finding a word other than ‘collection’ | UK fountain pens Whatever the word is, this is his State of the collection: May 2020 | UK fountain pens // If you’re a reader, you know I use “accumulation”, now I associate it with river muck thanks to Anthony. But it doesn’t really matterm they’re all still “pens.”

What Is Your Ideal Line Spacing Size? – Fountain Pen Love // A very helpful resource if you want to find a comfortable line spacing for your writing.

Early thoughts on the Sheaffer Pop fountain pen. | Fountain pen blog // Good overview of a relatively inexpensive pen. Although, as mentioned in the article, there’s a lot of competition at this price point.

Currently Inked – Wonder Pens – Life Behind a Stationery Shop // Always fun to see what someone with seemingly endless selection of pens and inks uses.

Fountain Pen Friendly Paper Collection by Yamamoto Paper: A Review (Part 1 of 2) — The Pen Addict // Personally, I have little interest (beyond curiousity) in a product like this, but I can certainly see it being useful for many people. I’m happy with Doane Paper and Seven Seas (Tomeo River) products as my paper core.