This Just In: ystudio Classic Desk Fountain Pen

photo of the ystudio pen (partial) and base

Like most machined metal fountain pens, ystudio pens have had a certain appeal to me since I first saw them. Still, they never pulled me in, and I never seriously considered buying one. Then the stars aligned. Kenro Industries recently became a distributor for them, so they had a bunch of new retailers promoting their pens. This has happened while the lockdown has turned my home writing desk into my main work desk, with the clutter that computers and cables bring. I like having a desk pen handy. A fountain pen that I can just pick up and use, no clicking or uncapping needed.

I have my Esterbrook Dip-less pen at the office but didn’t want to relocate it. This includes a big inkwell and a pen that sticks out at an angle. I had visions of something catching on the pen and dragging it over the edge and onto the carpet. So it remains at the unused office. I also have a Platinum desk pen, but that has been missing since I moved. I like having a desk pen that I can just grab and use, no uncapping or clicking needed.

As an aside – ystudio uses all lowercase for their brand name. I’ll do the same, even though it looks wrong and seems a tad pretentious.

photo of the ystudio desk pen in its base

The ystudio desk pen seemed to be ideal. It would be ready to use as soon as I picked it up. Having a base meant it would always be in the same place, allowing muscle memory to take over. This means I can pick up the pen while keeping my focus elsewhere. It stands straight up, so I’m less likely to hit it while working at my desk. It’s a cartridge/converter, so if I knock the pen off my desk, the worst that will happen is a few small drops of ink on the carpet. The pen arrived on May 2nd, and I’ve been using it since then.

The fact that this is a machined metal pen also appealed to me. The only unappealing part was the price, which seemed a bit high to me. I do realize that among machined metal pens, copper is usually more expensive. Obviously ystudio knew what they were doing when they priced it since I bought the fountain pen.

The ystudio Classic Desk Fountain Pen arrived in a wooden box with cardboard cutouts. It’s a light box, with wood more like balsa than a heavier wood. There were cardboard cutouts to hold the stand and pen securely, along with an instruction/product pamphlet. A converter is included, although no starter ink cartridge is in the box.

The fountain pen is solid copper, while the base is solid brass and very heavy. The ystudio name is engraved into the copper pen. It’s very subtle, with no added color, which I like. The copper has begun to develop a patina, while the base is as shiny as the day it arrived.

photo of the ystudio branding

I ordered the pen with a fine nib, which is by Schmidt and has its typical engravings. There’s some scrollwork, along with a large cursive “F” to denote the nib size. “Schmidt Iridium Point” is stamped at the base of the nib.

photo of the nib up close

I picked Montblanc “The Beatles” Psychedelic Purple as the initial ink for this pen. I typically use a desk pen for short notes or to mark up a document. So, I like a bright color in my desk pen.

The nib is smooth out of the box. It’s safe to say I’ve used the ystudio pen every day since it arrived, although rarely for more than a few words. The draft of this article (just under 3 pages) is the most I’ve used this pen in one sitting. The pen sits nib down in its base, so it’s no surprise that hard starts have not been a problem. There hasn’t been any skipping either.

hpto of the ystudio classic desk pen laying on a writing sample
The ystudio Classic Desk Foutain Pen and writing sample (Fine nib / Montblanc The Beatles ink

The ystudio desk pen does stick up like a horseshoe stake, so I do have to move it around to get it out of the way as I move my computer or iPad around. Although, in most cases, it ends up to my right, where I can easily pick it up. Also, since my desk folds closed at an angle, I have to push the pen back before I close the desk.

I’m happy with the ystudio Classic Desk Fountain Pen. It performs its intended role perfectly. I expect it to be perpetually inked, other than the occasional overnight rest after being flushed out.

photo of the copper ystudio desk pen
photo of the ystudio pen and base