Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – May 24, 2020

Photo of my currently inked fountain pens
My currently inked fountain pens

My fountain pen usage, while still more than a couple months ago, has dropped slightly. Due to volume and time, some of my work has gone straight to electronics to save time. Outlines and thoughts in pen, but no written drafts. Since not doing a written draft for any FPQ posts just seems wrong, these still get a written draft (except for the Trail Logs).

If that picture of my currently inked fountain pens looks familiar, that’s because it’s from last week. The pens haven’t changed, so no reason for a new photo. My favorite pen of the past week was the ystudio Classic Desk Fountain Pen, the first one on the left. My least favorite was the big red, white, and blue Edison Huron Grande. It gave me fits when I picked it up to use. The Papier Plume Burgundy is more prone to drying out that previous ink in the pen. Eventually it got its stride and performed well. Payback for being ignored for a couple of weeks.

A bit off-topic, but I’m back to having trouble Liking WordPress posts. I had started doing it again recently when I found it was again working. Well, at least on my iPad (where I do most of my reading) and iPhone. It’s been failing on my Mac for as long as I can remember. A friend had the same issue, and he called WordPress support (I’m not that dedicated). He was told Safari has a bug that causes it. (I forget if he got it working on Safari, but think not.) He’s able to do it with other browsers, so I installed Firefox on my iPad and confirmed that it works. I’m basically lazy, and since I can’t make Firefox the default, those few extra taps that are needed will probably reduce the frequency of likes. Sorry.

New Arrivals

Sheaffer Jade Green Ringtop, I’m biased towards both green and Sheaffer, but a gorgeous green color. I’ve yet to ink up this pen but may do so later today.


The Benu fountain pens I mentioned last week are still in transit or yet to ship. (Briolette & Scepter) It looks like COVID-19 has caught up to USPS in my neck of the woods. Packages are running several to many days later than the original USPS eta. One package from a few towns away took 5 business days to arrive. Maybe I’m just noticing it more since I dropped Amazon Prime and have placed several non-pen orders, so there’s a bigger pool of potential problems.

I did order one new fountain pen, or more accurately, I ordered a nib that happens to be attached to a pen. The Pilot Posting (PO) nib has always intrigued me. It seems suitable to me, although the nib angle might be a problem I don’t think it will. I Pilot Custom 912 with a PO nib should arrive eventually. USPS ETA is Wednesday, but as I mentioned above, I expect it to be late and not arrive until next week.



Written Dry


Newly Inked


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