Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – May 31, 2020

photo of this week’s new pen and ink arrivals
New fountain pens and inks for this past week.

This is the week I realized I really enjoy writing a fountain pen dry. The feeling of accomplishment, and that I’m using my pens gives me a nice endorphin rush. So, rather than switching up pens each day, I kept using the same pen as my primary writer until it went dry. The first pen to benefit was the Marine Green. It also ended up being my favorite fountain pen of the week. I just love vintage Sheaffer nibs. My favorite ink is a bit harder to pick from the available selection. I’d have to choose Montblanc Psychedelic Purple since I’d often use that pen (ystudio Desk) to enjoy the color. Much to my surprise, I had used it enough to write it dry. It was the only pen I refilled this week, and with the same ink.

The Diplomat Aero Volute had a three-day run, and I enjoyed every moment of it, despite having the rather dull manufacturer’s too blue ink in it.

But primary doesn’t mean exclusive, so I do pick up other pens during the day if I have an opportunity and an urge to use a different pen. That’s how the ystudio desk pen got so much use.

I don’t think an eyedropper filled pen could keep my interest if I made it a primary writer until it went dry. So, I won’t even try with my Newton Eastman or Edison Huron Grande.

As of now, I’m down to nine inked fountain pens. But I do have three new, never inked fountain pens waiting, which is unheard of for me. OK, the Ringtop has obviously been used, but not by me.

New Arrivals

  1. Pilot Custom 912 with Posting nib.
  2. Benu Briolette Secret Garden

When I opened the Briolette box, I was struck by all that silver glitter. It has a little more silver glitter than would be my preference. Although referring back to the photos, I shouldn’t have been surprised. I’ve yet to ink up either of these pens. I haven’t inked up last week’s new pen, the Sheaffer Ringtop, either. This pretty much confirms the obvious, I ordered too many new fountain pens.

While browsing the JetPens website, I stumbled upon Diamine’s ink cartridge samples, or “Mixed Sets” as they call them. I figured this was a great way to try several of their inks for a reasonable price ($8.50 for 18 or 20 cartridges). I’ve yet to try any but have liked other Diamine inks that I’ve tried. I also restocked a couple proprietary cartridges that I use regularly.

In case anyone is wondering, the Sharpie dates on the boxes are from me. I date the cartridges when I unpack them since, unlike bottles, they will evaporate over time, and I want to be sure to use the older ones first.


The Benu Scepter II is still on order from Goulet Pens. I hate to keep mentioning this because it sounds like they’re slow. It was ordered when they were already shut down. I forget if they gave a delivery timeframe, I think it was a generic website banner mentioning delays. Still, in my mind, the eta was mid-to-late June. So I don’t consider this delayed or late.



Written Dry

  1. Kanilea Cherry Kona – It went dry last Sunday evening.
  2. Leonardo Officina Italiana Messenger also went dry last Sunday.
  3. The ystudio Classic Desk Fountain Pen went dry earlier this week, and I immediately refilled it with Montblanc Psychedelic Purple. The pen was inked less than a month (24 days to be exact), which is quick for me. I guess all those notes and index cards add up.
  4. Sheaffer Balance Oversize (Marine Green) went dry. After a mental tug of war, I decided to flush this out and put it in the pen case for a short time.
  5. The Diplomat Aero Volute went dry after I used it as my primary writer for three straight days. It held out until late Saturday afternoon.

Newly Inked

None. As mentioned, the ystudio desk pen was refilled with the same ink, so not new.

If it matters to you, this is probably old news, but the 2020 DC Pens Show is cancelled along with the 2020 Pelikan Hubs, My nearly local show, The Commonwealth Pen Show will announce their decision on August 1st. I’ve already planned to skip the Commonwealth show since the room is cramped (as-is any good pen show), and as the D.C. folks said, pen shows are “touch-feely.” Being a small show with mostly local vendors and attendees, they can probably afford to hold off on a decision.

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