Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – June 7, 2020

photo of my currently inked pens
Sorry of the bad indoor lighting. Dreary day and only time to get a quick snapshot.

I’m still working through my inked pens. I’ve been picking one of the fine or extra-fine nibs and using it until it goes dry. I exclude the eye-dropper filled pens since I’d get bored with them before they go dry. My currently inked fountain pens are in the photo, although I don’t expect the Diplomat Aero to last through the day. Left-to-Right: Edison Huron Grande (EF), Diplomat Aero (EF), Franklin-Christoph Model 02 (Needle), Kaweco Brass Sport (EF), and Pilot Vanishing Point (OM). The Newton Eastman with an Esterbrook nib is stretched out in front the the pen stands. The copper pen at the end is a Karas Kustoms Rollerball.

My favorite fountain pen this week was the Diplomat Aero (Orange/Black) with its extra-fine nib. The more I use the Aero, the more I like it. I don’t have a legitimate favorite ink this week, although the two manufacturer provided ink cartridges were undoubtedly the most used. They just aren’t inspiring and were used simply to avoid waste. On the other hand, both performed well, so I guess they should be favorites.

New Arrivals

The Benu Scepter II was shipped out on Monday and arrived this Saturday afternoon. I opened the box to inspect the pen but haven’t used it yet. I now have four fountain pens that I’ve never inked up. I did notice that this one came with both a long (large) international cartridge, along with a converter.





Written Dry

The Benu Minima went dry earlier this week. I bought too many Benu pens recently. While I like the Minima, it may be one that I pass on unless it can find a place in my rotation. It was nice, but not so nice that I considered picking it over any of the other fountain pens on my list to use. So, I’ll clean it out and decide its fate after using the other two Benus.

The Sailor KOP Royal Tangerine went dry last Sunday. It’s still in the queue waiting to be cleaned. I plan to bring it back once the Pilot VP is dry. They are both oblique nibs, and I won’t use the VP if the KOP is available. So the KOP gets a timeout.

Newly Inked


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