Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – July 19, 2020

photo of the Benu Briolette
Benu Briolette Secret Garden

My fountain pen usage was up this week. Mainly because I changed the way I journal. Previously I wrote either in the morning or the evening. In the morning, I’m often rushed to get on to something else. In the evening I’m tired and unable to remember the details of my day. Now I do updates throughout the day rather than trying to remember it all at the end of the day. I’ve also worked on drafting a couple of posts.

I broke down and ordered a couple more fountain pens. I’m telling myself these are the last pens until December when I might get something to end the year. I signed up for an in-stock notification for the Benu Grand Scepter X at Goulet Pens, and it arrived this past week, which dropped my defenses and triggered the buying. So I ordered the pen, along with some stationery. Since I was already ordering a pen, I looked at the pens on my watch list. The Sailor 1911L Ringless drew me in. I ordered it from Anderson Pens since they had a couple of notebooks that I wanted to try. Now I have to pick a few more pens to sell-off.

The Sailor 1911 with a zoom nib is a risky choice for me, which is why it spent so much time being considered. I sold off all my 1911, except the Sterling, because I didn’t use them. Plus, I had a zoom nib years ago and never got the hang of it. I’m willing to try again with the zoom nib since I was a neophyte when I had it. I don’t expect it to be a daily writer, just fun to use on occasion.

After I ordered the pens, I received an email from Pen Chalet. Another Benu pen I hade my eye on is on sale this weekend, the Benu Supreme. I’ll pass on it, even though it’s the best price that I’ve seen for the pen. If you do shop at Pen Chalet, be sure to find a 10% off coupon. If needed, check the latest Pen Addict podcast for a coupon code.

After a concerted effort, using it for several days in a row, I finally wrote the Benu Scepter dry. Next up is the Benu Briolette. Although, the Briolette has a long international cartridge and an extra-fine nib so that it will have some staying power. I’ll mix in other pens every few days. I am using just one pen for 90% of my writing most days. Since I’m pretty much always home, and at my desk, the ystudio desk pen gets called on the other 10% of the time. I rather enjoy the challenge of writing a pen dry as quickly as possible.

I mentioned I need to pick some pens to sell-off. I have had the Platinum 3776 Ribbed with a UEF nib inked up. It’s a pen that doesn’t get much use despite the terrific nib. I wanted to compare it to the newly arrived Pilot PO nib. While the UEF is slightly thinner, my aging eyes don’t notice any difference. Plus, I also have a perfect Sailor XF nib in my Regency Stripe that’s nearly as thin. Both pens appeal to my aesthetic much more than the gold trim and nib on the Platinum. I’ll be putting it on my for sale page as soon as I can get photos and flush it out. Mention you’re a regular reader (getting this far in this post qualifies, even if this is your first visit), and I’ll take $10 off the listed price, which I haven’t decided on yet. The pen is six years old and has the expected micro-scratches, but is in otherwise excellent condition.

New Arrivals



  1. Benu Grand Scepter X with a fine nib.
  2. Sailor 1911L Ringless Epinard



Written Dry

  1. Benu Scepter II went dry on Wednesday. Finally! I’ve been using it as my primary (but not exclusive) writer for almost a week. I inked up back on June 14. So it went for just over a month. I liked the R&K Alt-Bordeaux ink that was in it.

Newly Inked


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2 thoughts on “Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – July 19, 2020

  1. Hi Ray! When you’re ready to sell the Platinum 3776, I’m interested. The ribbed barrel very much interests me, as does the UEF nib. And I know from past purchases how well you take care of your pens. Let me know when you’re ready! Hope all is well with you.



    • Hi Daniel,

      I’ll let you know when the pen is avalable and hold it for a day for you. (I’m still feeling guilty about that pen email that ended up in my spam folder :). I still need to flush it out and find the converter, and get photos. Hopefully Sunfay, buit should be too long. Uless I do something stupid, like drop the pen while cleaning it, I expect the price to be $135 minus the reader discount.

      Thanks for reading,

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