Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – August 2, 2020

photo of the Sailor 1911L Ringless Epinard with its zoom nib

This week’s favorite fountain pen isn’ the one that I used the most, but it’s the one I had the most fun using. The Sailor 1911L Ringless Epinard with its zoom nib was fun even though I was just playing around with the nib.

My fountain pen usage was fairly consistent this week, maybe down a little since I’ve yet to write the draft of my next article while last week’s draft was on the long side.

I I’ve identified another pen I should sell off, but I’m unable to do it. I’ve had the Lamy 2000 inked up for 1 1/2 months, yet I’ve only used it a little. The small sweet spot has been an issue in the past, but not the few times I’ve used it recently, so I can’t claim that’s the reason. It’s one of those weird pens, I have to force myself to pick it up and use it. But when I’m using it, I love it. When I’m done I forget about it for a another couple of weeks. It’s a classic fountain pen with a nib tuned by Mike Masuyama, so I can’t bring myself to sell it.

The Commonwealth Pen Show has been officially cancelled, as has every remaining U.S. Pen show except the Ohio Pen Show which is still schduled for Halloween weekend. Personally, I wouldn’t bet on the Ohio show happening. So I’m even happier that I went to the Long Island Pen Show earlier this year. The Commonwealth Pen (Boston MA area) show is scheduled for September 12, 2021.

As I was drafting this post Saturday afternoon when I decided I was bored with my current pen and ink choices. My practice of using the manufacturer’s ink cartridge had me with a lot of black (or blue-black) inks since I got a lot of new pens recently. This was aggravated by my choice of a black and a blue-black ink for my two piston fillers. I like black & blue-black inks, but everything in moderation. I’ll spend some time later today inking up some new pens. I’m covered for daily writers, so I’ll be looking for some variety in nibs, ink colors, and pen designs. I’m leaning towards so “S” brands.

New Arrivals






Written Dry or Pre-Mature Flushing

I like to keep using my pens until they run out of ink. But things were feeling a bit stale, so I flushed out a bunch of my pens Saturday night.

The first four pens all had black or blue-black inks. That didn’t help their cases since I want some more color.

  1. Benu Scepter II (EF) w/Montblanc Bordeaux. This is the one of two pens here that went dry. It had a very short fill when I needed to get it through writing the These Just In post.
  2.  Lamy 2000 (F) w/R&K Leipziger Schwarz which was inked back on June 19th. At least the ink level was below the view window.
  3. Benu Grand Scepter (EF) w/mfg ink cartridge. I used about half the long-international cartridge since July 21st, which seems like a lot for such a short time. I did use it a lot in order to get my initial thoughts.
  4. Sailor 1911L Ringless Epinard (Z) w/Mfg ink cartridge. I used about 1/3 of the ink cartridge playing with the nib. I hate to toss that much ink, but I want some color with this nib. So while I didn’t ink it up right after flushing it, it will be inked up later today.
  5. Franklin-Christoph Model 20 (M.Stub) w/Diamine Oxblood. The cartridge had about 25% of its ink left and I like the color, so I moved the cartridge to the Fisher of Pens Hermes.
  6. Edison Huron Grande (EF) w/Papier Plume Burgundy. This was eyedropper filled and had a lot of ink left. Its sin, unusual for this pen, was frequent hard starts and skipping. Plus, the ink color had shifted to be a bit darker and less to my liking. It was inked back on April 26th. With so many nice writers to choose from, I have a low tolerance for temperamental pens or inks. It does have a long history of loyal service. I’ll cleaned it out good, and checked it over. It took a long time with the bulb syringe before I got clear water, so there might have been dried ink in the feed. I’ll make a note that the ink does not seem to age well in pens.
  7. yStudio Classic Desk Fountain Pen (F) w/ Montblanc The Beatles Psychedelic Purple went dry as I was drafting this post. I simply refilled it.

Newly Inked

  1. Fisher of Pens Hermes (F) w/Diamine Oxblood taken from the F-C Model 20.
  2. yStudio Classic Desk Fountain Pen (F) w/ Montblanc The Beatles Psychedelic Purple. As mentioned above, this went dry and was immediately refilled with the same ink.

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