Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – August 9, 2020

This past week was one of my most unproductive of the entire year. I did my chores, like grocery shopping and house cleaning, but anything requiring thought or concentration was pushed aside. That meant my fountain pens didn’t get much use. I didn’t even journal every day. I missed two days completely, and wrote less than a page for each of the other days. The Benu Briolette was my most used pen, but it didn’t have any competition. I used the Sheaffer Balance II Aspen on Monday, the switched to the Benu on Tuesday. It stayed on my desk for the rest of the week. Seems unfair to call it a favorite, but it was certainly the most used.

I was in a bubble as the storm blew through my area. The lights flickered enough to cause the clock on the stove to start blinking a couple of times (maybe more, but I learned my lesson after setting it the first time and having it reset a few minutes later) and the sous-vide cooker was toggled off mid-way through, but then it finished without incident. I had power the next morning, and everything visible to me looked good. Twigs on the ground, some big enough to scratch car paint I suppose, but not big enough to break anything. My travels the next couple of days had me encountering closed roads and a lot of big trees down within a couple miles, which explained the 60%+ outage rate in the state. So, I did have some luck.

New Arrivals






Written Dry

  1. The Fisher of Pens Hermes suffered a hard start after being unused for a couple of days. I decided to flush the pen since I had used most of the ink. It’s still in the queue for cleaning. I hope to clean and re-ink it in a few days.

Newly Inked



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