Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – August 16, 2020

photo of my favorites Week of Aug 16, 2020
My favorites Week of Aug 16, 2020. Sailor Realo (M/F), Sailor 1911L (zoom) and Keychron K6

It was another week with relatively low fountain pen usage. My keyboard saw much more usage than all my pens combined. A favorite fountain pen was hard to pick this week, so I picked two. The Sailor 1911L Ringless Epinard was fun to doodle and play with, thanks to the zoom nib, while the Sailor Realo with its medium/fine nib and Montblanc Encre du Desert ink was my favorite to write with. The medium/fine nib was a joy, and I love the ink color.

Sailor’s new Shikiori ink cartridges became available here in the States. I was really being pulled to order the full pack of 20 inks (60 cartridges), but common sense prevailed. I picked three (Yama-Dori, Yodaki, and Shimoyo). The full pack of 60 would have lasted me years, probably until they evaporated, since they would only fit five of my pens. I added some notebooks to the order, but no pens. Anderson Pens shipped them out the same day (Friday), but if recent USPS experiences continue, I might receive them this coming week.

New Arrivals






Written Dry


Newly Inked


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