Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – August 23, 2020

This week’s favorite pen

My fountain pen usage continued to be low, even though I did manage to empty one fountain pen. My order of ink and pads arrived. The Life notebook pictured above was in that order.

The Penlux Masterpiece Grande was my most used fountain pen this past week. I hesitate to call it the week’s favorite, because I’m really enjoying the zoom nib on the Sailor 1911 Ringless. It’s the one pen I would pick up and use for 5 minutes, just for the fun of it. Part of the attraction is the Montblanc Lavender Purple ink.

New Arrivals






Written Dry

  1. Penlux Masterpiece Grande (F) with Rohrer & Klingner went dry on Saturday morning. I liked this pen and ink combination, and while I will clean it out, it will be back soon. It was inked back on June 26th.

Newly Inked


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