Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – August 30, 2020

photo of Sailor 1911L Ringless Epinard with Montblanc Lavender Purple ink bottle
My favorite pen and ink of the past week

My fountain usage was up a bit this week. If only because I wrote about 10 B5 journal pages this week, compared to last week. The rest of my usage, such as notes, drafts, and so on, was about the same. The Sailor 1911 Ringless was my favorite this week. It was used for more than the occasional doodling. It’s nearly empty and may not survive through today,

When I ordered some additional Life Noble 3 x 5 notebooks last week, I added a couple of items to reach the $50 for free shipping. I included two more Sailor Shikiori ink cartridge packs. I wanted to try more colors, but I screwed up and ordered some more Yodaki. While I hadn’t used the ink at that time, luckily I like the color a lot. But, I’d have preferred more variety. No excuses, not only were the cartridges still on my desk, but I entered them into Fountain Pen Companion so I could have checked there.

There was some good news. I finally caught up and cleaned all my empty pens.

Fountain Pen disaster struck this week. On Thursday, my Sailor KOP Royal Tangerine rolled off my desk, and the tines of the oblique nib are now misaligned. I had soft-capped the pen (no twisting) to free my hands. I never (until now) but down a soft-capped pen, and I forgot. When I went to pick up the pen, I grabbed it by the cap, The body popped out and rolled to the carpeted floor. The pen seemed to land flat on the barrel, and the nib looked OK, but when I went to write, the nib was rough and caught on the paper. It still looked OK to my old eyes, and I hoped I was overly sensitive. Still, I put it back on the case until I got home and could look at it with a loupe. Sure enough, when viewed head-on, the tines were obviously at different levels, which explained the poor performance.

The damage isn’t bad. If this was another pen, I’d probably try doing it myself. But this is an expensive pen. Things could get out of hand quickly, and even if it went well, it might not be as good as new. I may get the courage to try it, but the smart move seems to be sending the pen out for repair by an experienced nibmeister. It’s one of my top nibs (or, it was), so I want it to be perfect. It would be a good excuse to include a couple other pens for grinds. After all, shipping won’t be that much more.

The KOP was almost empty when it threw itself onto the floor. I had been planning to refill it with one of my new Sailor Shikiori ink cartridges. With that option gone, I decided to pull out my Sailor 1911 Sterling to load up the cartridge. I’ve avoided inking up the Sailor 1911 Sterling because I don’t want to polish it up. I decided to skip polishing it for now and keep the patina. A coincidental tweet:

New Arrivals






Written Dry

  1. Kanilea Pen Kona Cherry ran out of Montblanc Bordeaux ink. It was inked up way back on June 19th. I immediately refilled it with Montblanc Bordeaux, my favorite ink.
  2. Sailor KOP Royal Tangerine (OM) was flushed out after the accident. It needs to be repaired before re-inking.

Newly Inked

  1. Kanilea Pen Kona Cherry (EF) was re-inked with Montblanc Bordeaux.

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    • @slightlyunnerved
      Good question, and I’m having an internal debate. I haven’t checked with anyone about turn-around times, so that may change things. I’ll probably pick another pen or two to be ground. I’m considering Marc Bacas. I’ve never used him before, although he’s obviously well regarded. I’ve only have experience with three. Dan Smith moved recently and isn’t taking new nib work yet. Mike Masuyama probably has a long waiting list. Joshua Lax is close to me, which could avoid the long cross-country USPS shipment times.


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