Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – September 27, 2020

This week’s favorite - Kanilea Kona Cherry
This week’s favorite – Kanilea Kona Cherry (EF) with Montblanc Bordeaux

The Kanilea Kona Cherry, with its extra-fine nib and Montblanc Bordeaux ink, was my favorite and most used fountain pen of the past week.

My journaling was down just seven pages during the week. On the positive side, that was one page a day with no missed days. Also, I did a lot more writing, using my fountain pens more than previous weeks. My writing included some letters, drafts of various articles, along with some brainstorming.

Last week I mentioned I would have some pens up for sale this week or next. I should no better than pre-announce anything unless it’s ready to go. I did go through my fountain pens and pick some to sell. But a couple of my picks were terrible writers. I wasted some time with them since I figured a cleaning would make them better. It didn’t, so I put them aside to look at in the future. I still need to photograph the pens and decide on prices. So I won’t promise to offer them next Sunday, but my fingers are crossed.

I didn’t need another reason to sell some pens, but I have one. A new Leonardo is coming out that caught my eye. I first promised myself not to buy it until I sold enough pens to pay for it. Now I promise myself not to pre-order, even if I sell enough pens. My enthusiasm for the pen has waned just a little, so I want to give it some time, especially since there will always be more pens.

Last week I mentioned I was having problems with iOS Shortcuts related to the Trail Log. They’ve been resolved. This isn’t a tech blog, so I’ll keep it short. The problem was that Developers could remove actions they share with the Shortcuts app, but Apple (iOS) keeps them around until they (Apple) decide to purge them. Once I replaced the unsupported actions, things were even better than before.

Current Reads, Watches & Listens

Reading: The Aleph Extraction by Dan Moren. Not much progress this week, I’ve only finished 3 chapters (which Kindle days in 10% of the book, and that was all last Sunday afternoon). My problem with reading is not that I don;t enjoy it, but that by the end of the day my eyes are often tired.
Listening: 1861: The Civil War Awakening by Adam Goodheart (audiobook) // No progress this week.
Watching: Ted Lasso (Apple TV) // The only show I watch the day it drops (Friday’s). Movie nights were also limited, and nothing stands out as memorable. Burn Notice is a binge rewatch, so it’s mainly background noise while I do something else.

New Arrivals






Written Dry


Newly Inked

  1. Sailor Pro Gear King of Pen (M): Last week I mentioned that the Montblanc Albert Einstein, a grey ink, was too light for the thin nib in the Regency Stripe. I moved the nearly full converter to this pen. Much, much nicer and very easy to read.

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