Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – October 11, 2020

Photo of the Esterbrook Oversize Estie Maraschino Cherry
This week’s favorite

The newly arrived Esterbrook Oversize Estie immediately became my favorite pen of the week. It’s been my primary pen since I inked it up Wednesday afternoon.

I didn’t do any journaling this past week. But I continued to do a lot of other writing, so my fountain pen usage remained on the high side compared to the last couple of months.

While going through my fountain pens, I updated my accumulation page, including moving pens between their categories (Core, Hangers-On, All the Rest). The update was also triggered by an inquiry to see if a pen was for sale (it wasn’t, even though it wasn’t a core pen at the time). To head off any requests, although every pen has a price, my thinking is Core Pens are not for sale, and neither are Hangers-On since I value them some multiple above what I paid, and it’s unlikely my price would seem fair. After all, I wouldn’t pay it.

As is usually the case, going through my fountain pens to pick the ones to sell, I got to thinking about my current tastes in fountain pens. They’re different now, compared to a year ago. And they’ll be different in another year—no significant changes, but noticeable, at least to me. I’m much more open to colorful pens these days. Early on, at the turn of the century, I wanted to try all the nibs. At least all the production line ones (not custom grinds or bespoke). It did not go well. It did get me to focus on thin nibs, which was beneficial. But I hated all the others, including the various Sailor options, such as the zoom nib. All these were sold off once I got comfortable selling my pens.

Now I’m back into a nib exploration phase, which would be perfect timing if there were pen shows. In some cases, such as the Pilot posting nib, I can be pretty confident that I will like it. In other cases, such as the Sailor zoom nib, it’s been a complete failure in the past, and there’s no reason (other than time) for me to believe I’d like it. The posting nib is pleasant to use. I like it. It doesn’t give me joy to use. Well, maybe a little, but I expect that to wear off as it becomes a regular experience.

On the other hand, the zoom nib is a joy to use and makes me smile, even though I can’t envision ever using it as a daily writer. It doesn’t suit my writing style. Maybe it’s because I picked a colorful ink, and I love the pen’s color. But the nib cries out for color, while the posting nib is happy in a black pen with black ink. I have four more fountain pens out for nib work. Two of them are on the risky side for me, while the needlepoint and left oblique are solid choices for me. Unfortunately, they are still many weeks away.

There are several pens I’ve been eager to ink up, but I’ve avoided it as a way to force me to use my currently inked pens. That’s been a failure since I’ve re-inked pens when they went dry. I guess you could say it was a success since I have used the pens. But I’m no closer to inking up new pens. So I’ll give in, and will ink up a few more pens later today.

I finally got my act together (along with enough shipping boxes), so I have some pens for sale. Regular readers get a discount by mentioning that you’re a regular reader when you contact me about the pen. The offer is valid for all of October 2020, and as they say, “while they last,” but only on pens priced $50 or more. Pens priced $50 to $99.99 get $10 off, pens priced $100 to $199.99 get $20 off, pens $200 and up get $30 off. I’ll only mention the discount in my trail log posts, so if you don’t see it mentioned on other posts, still ask. For those who like coupon codes to avoid ambiguity, you can mention the code “regular,” but it’s not required.

Current Reads, Watches & Listens

Reading: The Aleph Extraction by Dan Moren. I’m 10 chapters in and 33% done with the book. Good escapist sci-if.
Listening: 1861: The Civil War Awakening by Adam Goodheart (audiobook). I caught up with podcasts (mainly by not listening to as many) and listened to this instead. I’m nearly 6 hours in, with 13 hours left. Interesting so far, although a bit scary with today’s political environment. As the title suggests, this is more about the run-up to the war..
Watching: Nothing worth mentioning.

New Arrivals

  1. The Esterbrook Oversize Estie Maraschino Cherry with the Journaler nib arrived on Wednesday. The pen is gorgeous! I also like the nib a lot.





Written Dry


Newly Inked

  1. As mentioned, the newly arrived Esterbrook Oversize Estie was inked up with Sheaffer red. It seemed like the logical choice among the inks at my disposal all the inks in the world. Even though I usually use Sheaffer Red in a thin nib that’s suitable for marking up documents.

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No off-topic links today, compiling them raised my anxiety. So I’ll just say: Our President is psychotic, wear the dam mask, attempts to over-throw a state government and kidnap governors should be denounced at the highest level even if doesn’t fit your political narrative, and Black Lives Matter. OK, one link (via Andy Ihnatko) for those who disagree:

I guess I lied about no off-topic links, but I came across this late Saturday, and it made me chuckle so here’s one more.
‘Did you write mine?’ Ford asked about obit

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