Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – October 18, 2020

Photo of the Esterbrook Oversize Estie Maraschino Cherry
This week’s favorite

My fountain pen usage was way down this week, non-existent on a couple of days. When I did use a fountain pen , it was the Esterbrook Oversize Estie Maraschino with the Journaler nib. So, it repeats as a favorite.

I did send three pens off to new homes, but still have several more ready to go on my Pens For Sale page. Be sure to ask for the reader discount, or coupon code READER, when you contact me. It’s worth $10 off pens priced $50 to $99.99, $20 off pens priced $100 to $199.99, and $30 of pens $200 and up. Good for any pen I’m selling in October.

There’s not much else happening in my life with pens, inks, or stationery, so it’s a short posting this week.

Current Reads, Watches & Listens

Reading: The Aleph Extraction by Dan Moren. About 75% of the way through the book, at Chapter 25. I thought I would like it more since it’s more or less a Sci-Fi heist. I do like it, but I liked the earlier books more. I can, and do, put this one down.
Listening: 1861: The Civil War Awakening by Adam Goodheart (audiobook) I’m 10 hours into the book, with about 8 hours left. The Audible app is driving me nuts by failing to remember the last part I played, and always going back to an old position. Makes me not want to listen in order to avoid searching for my place if I forgot to bookmark it. This, even though I turned off syncing and eventually deleted all but one copy of the app. Time to remove the DRM on my purchases and never buy another Audible book. I have little patience for software bugs these days.

New Arrivals





Several fountain pens were sold this past week and moved on to new homes:
1. Namiki Sterling Dragon with a medium 18kt gold nib
2. Lamy 2000, Original Black Makrolon with a fine 14K nib
3. Benu Grand Scepter X with a fine steel nib

Written Dry


Newly Inked

  1. My new **Esterbrook Estie Oversize Maraschino Cherry went dry last Sunday eventing. I immediately re-inked it with Sheaffer Red and kept using it.

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