Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – November 8, 2020

Photo of the Sailor Pro Gear British Racing Green

My newest fountain pen also ranks as my favorite for the week, the Sailor Pro Gear British Racing Green. As I feared, the relatively small pens size, along with being lighter than the Regency Stripe, does cause my hand to become fatigued after an hour or so. But, the pen is an enjoyable to use and I love the look.

Mark Bacas contacted me and let me know my nib work was done. I viewed his video and paid the invoice on Friday, so the pens should be on their way back to me very soon. Unfortunately, I came across another bent nib, the XXXF for a Vanishing Point. I’ve no idea how this one happened. At least with the KOP I dropped the pen and immediately saw it. So I’ll see if there’s any other pens I want nib work on, and will be sending this one out.

I didn’t make any Fountain Pen Day purchases, although that was made much easier by the two new pens that arrived last week. I did verify I wouldn’t have gotten a FPD deal for either pen.

Current Reads, Watches & Listens

Listening: 1861: The Civil War Awakening by Adam Goodheart (audiobook) – I’m almost done, but didn’t listen at all this past week.

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Newly Inked


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