Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – November 22, 2020

This week’s favorite - Custom Sheaffer Legacy w/Turk nib

My favorite fountain pen of the week won the spot based upon it’s newly ground nib. My custom Sheaffer Legacy which has a newly ground Turk nib, via Mark Bacus. I was pleasantly shocked with how smooth the this nib was. Also by how well the ink flowed.

My fountain pen usage continues to be on the low side. I’ve started simply copying articles, or doodling, as excuses to use my pens.

While I’ve been using the newly ground Turk nib (basically a XXF) all week, but I didn’t get a chance to give the rest a workout until Saturday. And then I got tied up with one problem pen. It wasn’t an issue with the grind, rather a problem with the feed that I hadn’t noticed prior to sending it out.

I’d only used the TWSBI Go with a broad nib once, and then it sat unused for over a year before I sent it out for grinding. Typically, I’d test it out first, but it was a last minute decision and I simply packed it up. Mark noticed some ink pooling and mentioned it, with the potential to splat ink on the paper. So when I got the pen back I simply swapped the nib with my other TWSBI. The pen wrote OK when used normally, but when reversed, to use the Architect grind, it would burp ink on a regular basis. (It’s Mark’s Predator Extreme grind which is Fine held normally, and an Architect grind when inverted.)

My intent was to swap the nib only, leaving the feed as is, so the ground nib would have both a new pen and a new feed. Fairly straight-forward, right? So, I was pretty depressed when the problem continued after the swap. I removed the nib & feed for inspection, and they seemed fine to me. But I figured, what the hell, I was half way there so I swapped the feeds. Voilà, problem solved. I’ve now written several problem free pages with the nib inverted. I guess it’s harder than I thought to move just a nib, since the only logical conclusion is that I moved both the nib and feed that first time.

It’s still new to me, so my opinion may change, but I don’t find the Architect nib fun to use. Mark’s work is just fine, it writes smoothly. I avoided getting a Architect grind when they were all the rage a couple years ago because I didn’t think I’d like the style. I was right. I’ll keep it around, but I don’t think it’s a nib I’d use for anything other than play. I’m glad I have the double sided nib, so I can ink the pen for normal, everyday use, and play with the Architect nib when I’m in the mood.

The left oblique on the Diplomat’s Fine nib is also a joy to use. I like oblique nibs, so that’s no surprise.


My plan is to migrate this site to a new host during this coming week. So expect some weirdness as things move over. E-Mail may be affected too, since DNS is with the same host.

With the new nibs, and another pen I want (Diplomat Aero in Green!), I’ll have some more pens to sell off, but won’t list them until the site moves. Look for them after Thanksgiving (U.S.) and be sure to mention the reader discount as I’m still doing that. ($10 or more off pens costing $50 or more.)

Current Reads, Watches & Listens

Reading: Into the Serpent’s Lair (30th book in the Frontiers Saga) by Ryk Brown. I finished this one off quickly, taking just a few evenings. It surprised me in that the author finally created an opportunity to move the story in a new direction. The book was a good ending for this part of the series.
Listening: Pacific Crucible by Ian W. Toll (audiobook) : I had to do a bunch of driving earlier this week, so I started another audiobook. This is a WWII history of the Pacific sea war from 1941-1942. I’m enjoying it, but progress may be slow since I don’t like listening to audiobooks when my brain has to make even the slightest decision. So this leaves driving and house cleaning. Yes, I know driving requires concentration, but years of radio listening and talking to other in the car have trained my brain well. Walking, which used to be my major time to consume audiobooks, is now something I prefer to do without other distractions so my mind can wander and take in the sights.

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