Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – December 6, 2020

photo of the Leonardo Momento Zero and Penwell Traveler

My favorite fountain pen was also my newest, the Leonardo Momento Zero, shown in the above photo, along with my newly arrived Penwell Traveler. I’m finding the Traveler to be much more useful than I expected.

I updated my pen accumulation page with new arrivals and adjustments to the classification of some pens.
* The newly arrived Momento Zero went straight onto the list as a core pen, despite an annoyance I mention below.
* The Pilot Vanishing Point Maplewood was dropped to Hanger-On. It just doesn’t get used, the Red Bamboo hogs all my Vanishing Point use. I’m keeping it for now, if I ever need to ink up two VPs at once. The
* The Diplomat Aero Orange/Black dropped from a Hanger-On to All the Rest. It’s the missing pen I mention below, and it will go up for sale whenever it turns up.
* The Sailor 1911 Sterling moved from being a Hanger-On to All the Rest and up for sale. Polishing it is just too high maintenance for me, and stub nibs aren’t great for me.

All the pens with new Mark Bacas grinds moved up.
* The Diplomat Volute, with a left oblique added to its fine nib, is now a core pen. It’s also the main reason the orange/black Aero moved down.
* The TWSBI Go, with a Predator Extreme nib, is now a Hanger-On pen. The nib is fun to play with, but it won’t be a daily writer for me.
* The Sheaffer Custom Legacy had a Blade Turk nib put on it, and I love it. It’s now a keeper because of both the nib and the brand. I generally dislike changing any classic Sheaffer, but since this was already a custom barrel, I don’t feel any guilt.

It was a frustrating week in some respects. Having been mostly homebound for nine months, I still managed to misplace a fountain pen. I won’t say “lost” because it didn’t leave the apartment unless I accidentally threw it out, which is very unlikely. It’s a pen I decided to sell, so I went to get it when I had time to do a writing sample and take photos. It wasn’t with the pens I put aside to sell. Thinking I pulled out the original box and packed it away again with the pen inside, I checked my box of pen boxes. No luck. The good news is that it’s most likely safely ensconced in the box, where ever it is. I stopped looking and figured it would turn up as soon as the photos were done — no such luck.

I seemed to have an increased number of those misplaced things during the week, with this being the only pen related occurrence. Most turned up in the second place I looked, which means I’m probably keeping them in the wrong place and need to permanently move them to that second place and adjust my brain.

Not to be outdone by old-school technology, Siri decided to torment me:
Me: (Activating Siri on my watch) “Set alarm for noon”
Siri: “What time?”
Me: “Noon”
Siri: (Displays the word noon on the screen proving it heard me) “What time?”
Me: “12pm”
Siri: “I set an alarm for noon“.
Me: unprintable
I swear I heard my other Apple devices laughing. This is why I avoid using Siri, it’s rarely anything except frustrating.

Pen Sale Page Updated

I updated my Pens for Sale page. I’ve changed the reader discount to 10% off any pen, no minimum price. Just mention that you’re a reader. Some haven’t mentioned it, but I given the discount anyway since I’d only mentioned the sale in the Trail Logs, it was a good assumption the buyer came to the site to read, not buy. Once I do a For Sale post, or offer them elsewhere I won’t make that assumption, so be sure to mention it. It will remain in effect for the remainder of this year.

Current Reads, Watches & Listens

Listening: Pacific Crucible by Ian W. Toll (audiobook) Still making process through the book and enjoying it.

New Arrivals

The Leonardo Momento Zero arrived on Monday. The acrylic is gorgeous and has much more green than the photos that I’ve seen, the blue is more of accent color than a base color. This is very much to my liking. It’s an open ended, numbered edition and mine is number 6115. The pen has a solid feel to it. The barrel walls are thicker than many of my other resin pens, giving it a solid feel. While the barrel has considerable depth to the colors, it isn’t translucent, so the converter isn’t visible through the barrel. I bought a medium nib this time. I may get it ground to a oblique at some time in the future. Ideally pen shows will return in 2021 and I can get it done at a show, rather than sending it out then being without it for a couple months.

The feed is slightly misaligned. While the pen seemed to write OK the misalignment was noticeable as I used the pen, and it bothered me. My attempt to nudge the feed into alignment didn’t completely resolve the issue. While it doesn’t affect performance, I do find it visually annoying. I’m a little hesitant to be more aggressive in my nudging, although when it comes time to re-ink or clean the pen I’ll take the time to remove the nib and try to line it up. Quick research shows it’s friction fit. If it becomes too annoying, that time may come before the pen is empty.





Written Dry

  1. My Sheaffer Balance II Jade Green went dry last week, but I forgot about it and didn’t clean it out until this week.
  2. The Sheaffer Balance II Aspen went dry this week. It had been inked since August.

Newly Inked

  1. The Leonardo Momento Zero arrived and I inked it up with Omas Green, which seemed appropriate for the pen.
  2. I finally inked up the yStudio Classic Desk Pen again. It’s been sitting on my desk, just not inked up. I filled it with the only ink it has ever had – Montblanc “The Beatles” Psychedelic Purple.

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