Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – December 20, 2020

Photo of this week's new notebook and fountain pen arrivals

Three of the four pens I have on order arrived this week. The fourth is still languishing in Virginia (Goulet shipped the same day I ordered). I’ve opened the new arrivals for inspection but haven’t inked any of them up. I have too many inked pens to add to them now.

Last Sunday, I went through my pens to verify they still wrote well enough. I looked at ink levels and used the low ink pens during the week, writing a few dry. Finally, there are several pens in the Written Dry section below.

I also wrote the last page in my Seven Seas Writer that I use as a Journal. I wrote the first page on October 10th, 2016, and finished the final page on Friday. It took me over four years to fill the 480-page notebook. I’m not a good example of consistency.

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I backed the Good Made Better Kickstarter for the Penwell Craftsman. I since changed my mind and withdrew the pledge and ordered another Traveler. I picked the double. I like the one I have, and use it daily. I have used two pens on occasion, so double seems ideal. As expected, they still easily made their goal without me.

This will be the last Trail Log of the year. Next Sunday is the holiday weekend, and I’ll be skipping it.

Current Reads, Watches & Listens

Listening: Army at Dawn: The War in North Africa, 1942-1943 by Rick Atkinson (audiobook). Not much progress this week. I’m only about 6 hours into it and only listened two days this week.
Reading: Agent Running in the Field by John le Carré. With [John Le Carré’s passing](John le Carré: Espionage writer dies aged 89 – BBC News), I was reminded how much I enjoyed his books and wanted to return to them. Unfortunately, I only have them on audiobooks. I’ve listened to them all as they went quickly on my commutes. I may return to them when my local library re-opens for curbside pickup, and I can get the physical books. For now, I’m starting with the one title for which they had an available ebook.

New Arrivals

  1. Sheaffer 300 Matte Green
  2. Retro 51 Lincoln Fountain Pen:
  3. Lamy Safari USA Independence Day Fountain Pen

The Sheaffer 300 arrived with some notebooks. I’ve recently become fond of the Profolio Oasis Light notebook, so I ordered a variety of cover colors. They’re B5 sized with 50 sheets. I like the paper and the ruling, so at $2.50, I consider them a great deal. I can also confirm that they hold up reasonably well to beer and coffee spills. The ink, not so much. I also ordered each size of the Profile Petite Journal to give them a try. I like that each page is perforated, pocketable, and $1.50 and $2.00 each, depending on size.


  1. Diplomat Aero Green w/fine 14kt gold nib. This pen has spent over a week site seeing in Richmond, Va, according to the tracking. I realize deliveries will be slow for understandable reasons, and I’m willing to be patient. Still, the fact that they add the message “…currently in transit to the next facility” every damn day annoys the heck out of me since the last actual movement was its arrival in Richmond a week ago.



Written Dry

  1. The Kaweco Brass Sport with an extra-fine nib and a Montblanc Petit Prince Red Fox ink cartridge was flushed out last Sunday after I gave all my inked pens a test. This one was more evaporation rather than written dry. It was inked up on April 26th of this year. Normally I’d be re-inking it up, but it’s not being used, and I’ve been using a rollerball the few times I’m out and about. Since it got little use, I put it in the pen case after cleaning.
  2. The Leonardo Momento Zero wasn’t written dry either. The misaligned feed continued to annoy me visually, and the performance was now inconsistent, with occasional hard starts and skipping. So I flushed it out Sunday, hoping to tackle the feed during the week, which I did. Although I haven’t inked it up yet, so the results are unknown.
  3. Sailor 1911 Full Size Realo with a Medium-Fine nib was written dry. It hasn’t been cleaned out yet. It was filled with Montblanc Antoine de Saint-Expery Encre du Desert back on August 1st, so it took a while.
  4. Sailor Pro Gear King of Pen with a medium nib was written dry of Montblanc Albert Einstein. I inked it up with a partially used cartridge back on September 1st.
  5. Pilot Custom 912 with a posting nib was written dry. I popped in the included black cartridge back on June 14th, when the pen arrived. I’m a little surprised it took so long, as I do really like the pen. It seems to have gotten lost in the pile of black fountain pens.

Newly Inked


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  1. Just a quick note to say I hope that you have a safe and merry Christmas. I enjoy your weekly posts, I read them every Sunday with my first coffee. Cheers.

    • @David

      Thanks for reading and I’m glad you enjoy the posts. Have a good holiday and best wishes for the new year.

      Thanks for reading,

  2. Thanks for this post and for your entertaining pieces throughout the year. Thanks too for the mention in your links. I hope you enjoy your new arrivals: the weighty Sheaffer 300 has been the pen in the banner photo of my blog for four years, but I have not seen a green one before.
    Best wishes for the holidays and for the coming year.

    • @rupertarzeian

      Thanks for the kind words, and I’ve enjoyed your blog as well (proven by the links). The Green Sheaffer is new, according to Anderson Pens.

      Enjoy your holiday as well, and best wishes.

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