Currently Inked

I’m beginning the year with two dozen inked up fountain pens. Once I had them all inked up I realized we’re entering the middle of winter, when the air inside will be extremely dry. It’s great when I wash the floors and want them to dry asap. It isn’t so great when I don’t want ink to evaporate. As evidenced when I picked up the Fisher of Pens Hermes after a couple of days and it was a minor adventure getting it to write. While it’s startup problem in the past, looking at its history, the problems were always in the dry winter months. Once it starts writing it’s great for the day.

The pictures and writing samples are in the same order, except for the two desk pens, which aren’t show in the photos. The desk pens are the 7th and 8th writing samples.

Photo of twelve of my currently inked fountain pens.
Photo of ten of my currently inked fountain pens.
writing sample for the first twelve inked fountain pens
writing samples for the remaining ten inked fountain pens