Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – February 7, 2021

This week's new arrival. Franklin-Christoph pen wrap and a Dudek Modern Goods pen block
Newly Arrived

My fountain pen usage was down a bit this week. I skipped a day journaling and wrote less than my unofficial 1 page daily minimum on another day, although I did average over a page a day for the week. Other than the occasional note or list, that was all of my fountain pen usage.

I didn’t have a clear favorite fountain pen this week. On Saturday I used my Sheaffer Legacy with a custom blue fleck barrel, which is a pen I’ve always been conflicted about. It’s blue and gold, a lot of each, and they’r my least favorite color & trim choices. But, it’s a Sheaffer and it feels great in my hand. I had Mark Bacas turn the nib into his Blade Turk (a XXXF nib) and it’s great. I still have an aversion to calling a blue & gold pen a favorite.

As the year began I liked the idea of having a lot of fountain pens inked up. It gave me a variety of newly inked pens to choose from as the year began. I’m down to 19 inked pens and it’s beginning to cause anxiety. I have several pens I want to re-ink (Kanilea Kona Cherry, Sheaffer 300, Lamy OM gold nib, Diplomat Volute) and others that I put off inking, but want to ink up (F-C Model 66, Edison Huron Grande, etc…). I may go back to inking up a limited number of pens per week and flush them out at the end of the week. If I do that there will always be some pens that are permanently inked. A side-effect of having so many pens inked up is that I appear to have misplaced the green Diplomat Aero. I’m not concerned it’s actually lost, but it’s been so long since I last held it, that I’m not sure what pile of clutter it might be under, or what piece of furniture it may have rolled under.

The Franklin-Christoph pen roll arrived after the snow storm. I think it will work well for what I want. The canvas is heavy enough to provide good protection against most damage, except crushing. The pens slip in and out easily and the clips fit inside the slot without a need to clip over the material.

Lastly, my Dudek pen block arrived this week. I had kind of forgotten I had ordered it at the end of November. He does them in batches now, and I managed to get in on the last batch. Sign up to the mailing list if you’re interested, then hope that you’re around and see the email soon enough to respond before all the slots are filled. While I ordered this long before I misplaced the green Aero, I’m hoping this will solve that problem by giving me a compact storage solution that can be always visible on my desk. Some pens are too big to fit in the 5/8″ holes, but most do fit.

Current Reads, Watches & Listens

Listening: Day of Battle: The War in Sicily and Italy, 1943-1944 by Rick Atkinson (audiobook). No progress.
Reading: I haven’t started another book yet.

New Arrivals






Written Dry

  1. Fisher of Pens Hermes – This pen doesn’t do well when it’s in dry indoor air for an extended period, so it’s been finicky. Hard starts, often after just one night of rest, are a constant annoyance. It’s certainly a dry writer, which is one reason I like it. I just need to remember to use a more forgiving ink during the winter. R&K inks seem to do better than others in the winter months, although that may just be the few that I have. In any case, the pen will get some rest.
  2. Sheaffer 300 – This one was inked up back on Christmas. I really like this inexpensive fountain pen. If I didn’t have so many pens already inked I’d have inked this up immediately. Instead, I’ll clean it out and give it some time off.

Newly Inked


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