Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – February 21, 2021

No favorite pen this week. None of them got much use, and I spread out my usage.

My fountain pen usage was down a lot his week, mainly because I missed a couple days of journaling. This was also another week of misplaced fountain pens. Like the green Diplomat Aero and the Orange/Black Diplomat Aero of weeks past, I had no fear that the pens were permanently lost. When I went to take some photos of my new(ish) Retro 51 Lincoln fountain pen I couldn’t find it. I had left it at the office. Although it wasn’t the one I intended to leave there as a safety net. I also couldn’t find my Esterbrook Estie when I wanted to use it, but that eventually turned up in one of my desk cubbyholes. I would have said I never put pens there, but obviously I do. At least I’m not the only one, on this week’s Pen Addict podcast Brad mentioned that he misplaced four pens, although knows they’re around someplace. As far as I know, I have all my pens now. Of course, I didn’t know the others were misplaced until I went looking for them.

I finally posted a non-Trail Log article on Friday. Over the last few months I wrote some articles as an excuse to use my pens, but never went farther than the written draft. The Friday post was mostly written sometime over New Year’s weekend. The one publishing on Tuesday was some thoughts I wrote before that. So, I’ll working to get caught up on those, and get some articles published. But on the downside, I won’t get to use my pens as much as I want to.

But, continuing the trend of misplacing stuff, the notebook with my articles drafts was nowhere to be found when I went looking for it. Again, certainly not lost, it’s probably on my office desk. I may swing by there later today, so I can work on transcribing an article or two later today.

I got the in-stock notifications for the Lamy Safari Savannah and Terra fountain pens and placed my order. They haven’t shipped yet, but I expect them to ship early this week.

New Arrivals



  1. Lamy Safari Savannah
  2. Lamy Safari Terra



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