Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – February 28, 2021

Photo of this week's fountain pen selection - Diplomat Aero and Esterbrook OS Estie
Diplomat Aero Green and Esterbrook OS Estie Maraschino Cherry

My fountain pen usage was very low again this week, so I still have 15 inked up fountain pens. I changed the way I picked my pens to use. Rather than a different pen each day instead, at the beginning of the week I picked two pens as my primary writers for the week. This week it was the Diplomat Aero Green with a fine nib, and the Esterbrook OS Estie with a Journaler nib. The Aero has one of the included ink cartridges, while the Estie has Sheaffer Red ink. I don’t prohibit myself from picking another pen, but I’ll use the two selected pens as much as possible.

For the week ahead, I picked the Sheaffer Custom Legacy with a Bacas Blade Turk nib and Pilot Blue-Black ink. I’m pairing it with a Lamy Safari Mango with my 14k gold oblique medium nib loaded with a Lamy Blue cartridge.

There’s really no favorite pen this week. Or, both pens are favorites. I only used two fountain pens for any measurable length of time. If all the pens I used are favorites, is any pen a favorite? I hesitate to say they’re in my Favorite 5 until I sit down and think about it, but they’ll get serious consideration. The green Diplomat is too new for me to call it a core pen, but I do think it will be added to that list soon enough.

The new Lamy Safari fountain pens arrived Friday, a quick delivery considering other recent mail from that part of the country. I love the colors. They shipped on Monday making transit times pretty much back to normal.

I finally shipped out a couple of pens to Mark Bacas for some nib work. A Sailor KOP was sent for nib repair. For those keeping track, besides me, I’m 2 for 2 on mangling KOP nibs. Since it didn’t add to the postage costs I sent a Lamy nib to be ground to a needlepoint. Basically I asked for it to be as thin as practical for the nib material, with a Platinum UEF being the goal.

I realized that I really need to inventory my Lamy nibs and accessories. I regret not adding a converter to the recent order. While I always had plenty, many converters went with Lamy pens that I sold, and I seem to be down to two converters. This coincides with the number of Safaris I owned at year end, so I don’t expect to come across any others. I’ve added some Safaris (and one AL-Star sibling), bringing the count to seven, but no added converters. I sent one off with the fountain pen that went for nib work, leaving only one for me to use. I do have plenty of cartridges, and I really should use them up. But having only one Lamy converter makes me nervous.

New Arrivals

Lamy Safari Terra (EF) and Lamy Safari Savannah (M)





Written Dry


Newly Inked


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