Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – March 21, 2021

This week's pens the Tangerine Sailor KOP and the Kanilea Kona Cherry.

My fountain pen usage was way down this week. Journaling consumed the majority of ink used, with checklists a distant second. That journaling only filled 3 1/2 A5 pages. If I look for a positive, it’s that I did journal every day, if only a sentence or two. I alternated between the Sailor King of Pen, and the newly re-inked Kanilea Kona Cherry.

I had planned to use the gold-nib’d Diplomat Aero, but replaced it with the Sailor KOP to add a little variety to the nibs I was using. Considering how quickly I changed my pen plans last week, I’m not going to mention my plans for the week ahead. I’m trying to convince myself to pick new pens, but I like my current choices. The KOP is nearly dry, so if I can write it dry sometime today it will be easier to bring in a new choice.

Current Reads, Watches & Listens

Listening: Day of Battle: The War in Sicily and Italy, 1943-1944 by Rick Atkinson (audiobook). I’m still making slow progress. This has turned into a housework book; I listen while doing my housework, meaning it’s only about two or three hours a week. With about 20 hours left, the book will be around awhile.
Reading: Get Shorty by Elmore Leonard. Last week I mentioned that NYPD Red reminded me of a failed attempt to write a Elmore Leonard style book. I decided to switch to the real thing. I’ve seen the movie but never read the book. I don’t remember enough of the movie to say how true to the book the movie is.

New Arrivals






Written Dry


Newly Inked

  1. Diplomat Aero Green (14kt fine) with a Montblanc Emerald Green cartridge
  2. Kanilea Kona Cherry (extra-fine) with Montblanc Bordeaux
  3. Lamy Safari Terra (extra fine) with the included blue cartridge

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