Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – April 4, 2021

Happy Easter Bunny

I got my second vaccination shot this week, so that alone makes it a good week no matter what else happened. The first shot was side-effect free and the first 24 hours after this shot were side-effect free, but I started feeling tired late Friday, almost exactly 24 hours after the shot. I attribute it to the shot since I’ve generally been sleeping well. I was so tired that I left dirty dinner dishes soaking in the sink when I went to bed two hours early. I absolutely hate doing this, but didn’t care. Despite a good 8 hours sleep I was still, dragging around Saturday morning. I’m writing this Saturday morning in case I fall asleep during the day. I plan to add any new links later in the day, but if I sleep through it they’ll be included in next week’s post.

My fountain pen usage was down this week again, and I missed a couple days of journalling. No real favorite pen this week. I rotated through three pens, the Lamy Safari Terra (EF), the Lamy Safari (OM), and the Diplomat Green Aero with the 14kt fine nib. While I enjoyed them all, the Terra’s steel extra-fine nib was noticeably less pleasant than the other two. Which led me to a purchasing decision I’ll mention below.

The really bad news is that my wallet took a pretty big hit this week.

Currently, I have a twin fascination with green pens and with Lamy pens. They intersected and I ordered a Dark Green Lamy Aion with an extra-fine nib. I also threw in a basic green Lamy Safari. Blowing my prediction in my Lamy gold nib review, I did order another Lamy gold nib, or rather two more. The more I used the oblique medium, the more I liked in and wanted more.

I ordered another gold oblique medium nib and plan to put it on the Aion. The Aion can fit the Z55 nib (Safari nib), although the Aion’s nib itself has a slightly different shape than the typical Safari nib. I also ordered a gold extra-fine nib since the Terra’s steel extra-fine nib was noticeably less pleasant than the gold nibs I was using along with it.

I also replenished some paper and other stationery supplies.

Nock Co released a new Lookout three-pen case color way. I received an orange Lookout case when I backed the Kickstarter launch of their company back in 2014. It eventually became my favorite, and most used, out of all those launch cases. I misplaced the case a few years ago (no pens were inside). Since it never turned up, and I moved out of my apartment, I declared in lost, never to return, and started looking for a new one. Either they didn’t stock any, or I didn’t check their website at the right time, and I eventually stopped looking. I recently heard mention of it’s return, probably on the Pen Addict podcast, and I ordered one when they became available. This is more nostalgia for a case I really liked, I don’t really need another pen case. I do expect to use it, probably replacing the Nock Co Tallulah that I currently carry in my Nock Co Lanier. Yes, there’s a consistency to my cases. I also continued my green theme by throwing in a pack of Lime Green DotDash index cards.

Current Reads, Watches & Listens

Listening: Day of Battle: The War in Sicily and Italy, 1943-1944 by Rick Atkinson (audiobook).
Reading: I haven’t started another book yet.

New Arrivals



  1. Lamy Aion Dark Green with an extra-fine nib
  2. Lamy Safari Green with an extra fine nib
  3. Lamy 14k oblique medium nib
  4. Lamy 14k extra fine nib



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2 thoughts on “Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – April 4, 2021

  1. From where di you order the gold lamy nibs. Esp interested in the OM. My steel OMs are my best Safari nibs but can no longer obtain same

    • I got mine from Both times I ordered a OM they immediately went out of stock, but soon came back quickly on the first one. Still out of stock on the second one that I ordered March 31st. You can sign up for a restock notification. Goulet has some gold nibs, but not the obliques when I checked a couple months ago.

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