Currently Inked – June 2021

It was January 2 of this year when I last did a currently inked roundup. I did an ink purge this past weekend so; it seems like a good time for another currently inked post. I cleaned out my Lamy Safaris, along with a TWSBI Go that was inked up last year. My habit of using factory included cartridges to start off my new pens has me really, really bored with blue, black and blue-black inks. I broke another rule; I flushed out pens that still had most of their ink left, and were problem free.

Pens currently inked for June 2021

Five fountain pens carried over from May, here they are:

Sheaffer 300 Matte Green (F) with a Sheaffer Black cartridge

Role: Workhorse fountain pen

This fountain pen is a terrific value at $65. Green is my favorite color. The matte green with black accents makes for a sharp-looking pen. The nib is smooth and puts down a sharp line, true to its fine width. I picked Sheaffer Black (in cartridge form) for this pen so that it’s suitable for any situation. The nib and dark ink make it suitable even when I’m forced to write in weird postures and on all but the worst paper.

Kanilea Kona Cherry (F) with Montblanc Bordeaux

Role: To Spark Joy

A gorgeous fountain pen, filled with my favorite ink. While I usually tire of flashy pen materials, I like this one more each time I use it. I have to get over my fear of running out of Bordeaux, which keeps me from using the pen. That’s a terrible reason not to use the pen. This is one of two pens with this ink.

This one ran out of ink Sunday night, but I immediately refilled it. Despite the refill, I still consider it a carry over.

Sailor 1911L Ringless Epinard (Zoom) with a Sailor Shikiori Yodaki cartridge

Role: Headings & Something Completely Different

This pen will never be a daily writer for me, heck, it rarely writes for than 10 words when I pick it up. I like it for headings, bold notes, or just to have fun using. I use the pen every day, even if it’s only to write the date on the top of my daily index card. Occasionally used for doodling, where I can explore the line variation provided by the angle of the zoom nib.

Diplomat Aero Volute LE (Oblique Fine) with a Montblanc Spider Grey cartridge

Role: Daily Writer

Unlike my workhorse Sheaffer 300, the oblique grind on the nib means I should sit at a desk (or table) when I use the pen. The oblique grind fits the way I naturally rotate my pen, while the fine nib fits my writing style. It’s the best of both worlds. I picked the ink because I like grey inks, and it matches the pen. This is a Mark Bacas nib grind of the stock steel fine nib.

Montblanc sometimes gets carried away with their ink names. The full name of this ink is Montblanc Heritage Spider Metamorphosis Web Grey.

Lamy Safari USA (XXF) with Waterman Intense Black

Role: Big Nib Therapy

Another Mark Bacas nib grind where my instructions were to get as close to a Platinum UEF as was safe with the steel Lamy nib. I don’t have the UEF for comparison anymore, but it seems pretty close, and it is very thin.

The thinness of the nib can make it scratchy on some papers, although it’s smooth on Rhodia, Tomoe River and Profolio Oasis notebook papers. I use it when I want a thin nib, either to mark up a document, or when I just want a thin line.

I inked up five new pens before heading into June. Here they are:

Lamy 2000 (Oblique Medium) with Montblanc Bordeaux

Role: The Rookie with All-Star Potential

This one arrived Saturday, and I had it inked up with my favorite ink by evening. It’s a factory oblique medium, but I still have high expectations for this nib. I’ve barely used it so far, but all the signs are good, unlike that Lamy 14k extra-fine nib that disappointed immediately.

While I prefer thin nibs, oblique nibs are perfect for me, and an oblique medium is much more accessible to me. The small nib, and even smaller sweet-spot of my previous Lamy, made it a pain to use. I was always rotating the nib into skipping. So far the oblique nib seems to work for me. The nib still doesn’t provide much of a visual queue for alignment, but it touches the paper perfectly with my natural grip.

Lamy Aion Red (F) with a Lamy Red cartridge

Role: Utility (another Rookie)

I’ve had this pen since April 9th and have been debating whether to ink it up, or pass it on. There’s nothing wrong with the pen, and I do like red. But, I already have the Dark Green sibling, which will get much more use.

I didn’t do it any favors with the Lamy Red ink. Especially since some ink leftover in the pen (from testing I assume) made the initial sentence a nice, dark red. But it soon became a washed out red. I much prefer Sheaffer Red.

I’ll use it marking up documents.

Lamy Aion Dark Green (EF) with a Lamy Green cartridge

Role: Workhorse Pen

Like the Sheaffer 300, this is a workhorse pen, appropriate for any use. The green ink might keep it from some business uses, but I don’t really exclude any ink from business use. But being honest, I may want to play it safe is some situations and avoid the green ink.

I wanted to keep this in the pen case, uninked, until the Sheaffer 300 went dry, but I couldn’t. I want to use the pen.

Sailor Pro Gear King of Pen (M) with Montblanc Psychedelic Purple (The Beatles)

Role: Royalty

This pen is just back from bent nib repair by Mark Bacas. This is the 20th ink filling for the pen (Since Aug 2016), so it gets a lot of use. Despite being a medium nib, I love writing with the pen. My other KOP was ground to an oblique, but I kept this one as a regular medium. The huge nib provides an unavoidable visual queue to help avoid rotating the pen while writing.

Esterbrook (Kenro) Oversized Estie (Journaler) with Sheaffer Red

Role: Drawing Attention to Itself

The only ink this pen has ever held is Sheaffer Red. Any choice other that the fire engine red Sheaffer ink would be wrong.

Fountain Pens currently inked for June 2021 - uncapped
Writing samples for all the June pens