Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – August 8, 2021
Pen In: Sheaffer 300 (Left) Pen Out: Lamy Aion (Top) : The Favorite: Franklin Christoph Model 02 (Right)

My fountain pen usage was up a bit these past two week, thanks to a lot of writing on Thursday and Friday. “A lot” is relative, maybe about four B5 pages and another 4 or so A5 pages over those two days, along with my usual notes and lists.

Journaling has been erratic, but not forgotten. Having the Kanilea Kona Cherry inside my Journal case helps. I love the pen, and if I open the journal case, I might as well write in the journal.

The Washington DC Pen Show is this weekend, ending today. I’m vaccinated, but I still couldn’t bring myself to go into a crowd of people. Every time I would go to a pen or trade show I’d get sick. Copious use of hand sanitizer would sometimes help, but not always. I probably should have also worn a mask back then. So I’m hesitant and probably won’t attend my local Commonwealth Pen show either.

I’m still working on getting pens up for sale. I want to do them as one big batch rather than dribble them out. I’m still debating some pens, but the longer I wait to more I lean towards selling them. I’m already weeks beyond my original target, so no way I’m estimating when they’ll be ready.

Current Reads, Watches & Listens

Reading: Fall of the Core by Ryk Brown. Brown’s latest book in The Frontiers Saga. The Frontiers Saga is planned as a 75 book series. The first two series (30 books) have been released and I liked them all. This is a standalone book that seems to be a rewrite of four prequel novellas. (I didn’t read the novellas so this story will be new to me.) I got this on Kindle Unlimited but hadn’t gotten too far into the book when I was sidetracked by a library book that freed up. It’s yet to hook me, but I will go back to it.

Reading: Foundation by Isaac Asimov: I read this as a teenager, so long ago that it’s like reading a new book. The Apple TV promotions (for the series) got me interested in reading it. I’m only a few chapter into it, but enjoying it.

Not Playing: Civilization VI I’m a Civ VI addict. It wasn’t too bad when I I had an Intel MacBook Pro. Despite being a high end 16″ MacBook Pro, Civ was slow to start and unstable, which made it less enjoyable, or provided an easy stopping point when it crashed. Once I found the right settings to reduce the crashes, I could still limit my sessions by playing the game on battery, which would quickly drain, giving me a little over an hour.

With my M1 MacBook Air this all went away. The game starts faster and is stable. In theory I could easily get a few turns in during a 15-minute break. But with just my willpower to stop, it was rarely 15 minutes. The battery can power the game for over three hours which makes it useless as a way to limit gameplay. It’s been eating up my leisure time, and making a dent into what should be work time. So, Saturday morning I deleted the saved games, and the game itself. Re-installing is easy enough, bit it’s a speed bump that will make reading or writing the “easier” choice for leisure between work tasks and chores. Civ is the only video game I like, so I have no doubt it will be back to it soon enough.

Oh, I do still have it on my iPad. Could be a problem. At least it’s a few content updates behind the desktop version.

New Arrivals



  1. Esterbrook (Kenro) OS Estie – Seaglass w/ Palladium trim. It’s backordered and not due until September.



Out of Rotation

  1. Lamy Aion Dark Green (EF) w/Lamy Green ink went dry. I love this pen and the ink performed well while matching the pen.

Into Rotation

  1. Sheaffer 300 Matte Green (F) with a Sheaffer Black cartridge.

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