Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – September 12, 2021

Photo of the Diplomat Aero Volute with the authentication card
Written Dry This Week

My fountain pen usage did pick up over the last week. I managed to journal every day, and filled over seven pages in my journal. Not a lot each day, but consistent.

I woke up well before sunrise several days, all early in the week. I find the quiet and darkness conducive to writing. I wrote the Three Pen Collection draft one morning, and the draft to a second article.

I’m down to four inked fountain pens. So, I plan to ink up some more later today. I’m debating what pens to pick (pens always come before inks). This means I may end up with a dozen or so inked pens. I am trying to have some restraint.

The new pen glow wore off my TWSBI Swipe, so I moved it out of my Penwell Traveler that holds my current pen of choice at my desk. It was replaced my the Diplomat Aero Volute. It did return when the Volute went dry since it was my only thin nib with ink.

Current Reads, Watches & Listens

Reading: Second Foundation by Isaac Asimov. I put this aside when _The Three-Body Problem became available. I don’t like stories based on mind control and this installment is heavy into mind games, at least what I read so far. I have no recollection of this book. At least parts of the earlier two came back to me as I read them. I suspect I also gave up on this one back in my youth. Since there was a waiting list, I returned the book early. I suppose by completist brain will force me to finish the book.

Reading: The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu. A Hugo award winner translated from Chinese. I’m about half-way through the book and I’m enjoying it a lot. My western brain has a bit of a problem keeping track of the Chinese names, but that eventually sorted itself out.

New Arrivals



  1. Esterbrook (Kenro) OS Estie (EF) – Seaglass w/ Palladium trim: Bad news, the release date is now in October.


  1. Sheaffer Balance II Jade Green (M): While I love the green material, the gold trim wasn’t to my taste. Plus I had three Balance IIs. I decided to keep the Aspen, also with gold trim, but it’s a better match with mostly brown material.
  2. Lamy Aion Red (F): I love the green Aion, it’s in my 3-pen collection as the workhorse. While I like the Red Aion, I don’t think I’d be inking it up very often. So it was a catch & release, just inked once.

Out of Rotation

  1. Diplomat Aero Volute (fine-oblique) with a Montblanc Heritage Spider Metamorphosis Web Grey cartridge. This was inked up way back in mid-May. As I was using the pen this past week, I couldn’t figured out how it lasted nearly four months. I’m going to be inking up some fountain pens later today and I may simply pop in another cartridge of the same ink.

Into Rotation



I guess summer is over. There were a lot of links this past week, so I limited myself to one per site. Be sure to browse these websites for more great content.

Relay FM is having their Annual Fundraiser this month. The Pen Addict is having a raffle with many pen & stationery prizes. Raffle entries are based on donations to St. Jude. Here’s the latest update and entry instructions. St. Jude has long been on my list of regular donations as a truly great charity. You have until Sept. 21st to get raffle entries.

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