Sunday Links – October 3, 2021

Just links for today.

Retreat – Pam Alison Knits

What stationery I actually use: 2021 edition | All Things Stationery

Why I bought an Otto Hutt designC | UK fountain pens

Season one preview — mnmlscholar

The state of the pen cups, September 2021. | Fountain pen blog

Fountain Pens for a Fiver Revisited | dapprman

Draw Your Tools…Tober

American Ring-Top Swan – Goodwriterspens’s Blog

Report from Chicago: Pen Show Highlights from Friday — The Gentleman Stationer

Planning for planning: Hunting for a new planner system — mnmlscholar


Daring Fireball: The Tragedy of Safari 15 for Mac’s ‘Tabs’ // Safari 15 is very close to driving me to another browser on the Mac, and I find the iPad version just as frustrating, but in different ways.