Retro 51 Declutter

I’ve decided to declutter my Retro 51 Tornado collection. I’ve learned I only use ones with raised etching, except for seasonal favorites, so any flat surfaced retro was a candidate to move on.

Shipping is within the U.S. only (50 + DC) using Priority Mail and is $10 per order, any number of pens.

To purchase a pen, or ask any questions, contact me at First firm “I want it” gets the pen. Questions will not hold the pen. I will send a PayPal invoice for your payment.

Prices are firm, although if the total, before shipping, is $100 or more then I’ll take 10% off.

All pens are in excellent condition unless noted. I’ve listed the refill that’s included, but have no idea how much ink is left.

The following eight pens do not include the packaging tubes. All are in excellent condition except the Liftoff. Click for full size picture

Pen finials are in reverse order of listing and previous photo.
  1. Stealth (refill: P8126 Red) not numbered. $21
  2. Anderson Pens Terrabyte (First release – Green) (refill: Retro 51 REF5P) #159/500 $20 (SOLD)
  3. Betsy Ross (refill: Schmidt P8126) not numbered $32
  4. Montana (aka Ugly Seater) (refill: Schmidt P8126) #490 $74 (SOLD)
  5. Play Ball (refill: Retro 51 REF5P) #301 $53 (SOLD)
  6. Liftoff (refill: Retro 51 REF5P) #460 $21 some discoloration/tarnishing near the knurled knob and on the clip. Visible in photo. (SOLD)
  7. Apollo Tribute (refill: Retro 51 REF5P) #0399 $42 (SOLD)
  8. The System (refill: Retro 51 REF5P) #807 $53 (SOLD)

The following nine pens include the packaging tube and paperwork. All are opened and used, but in excellent condition.

Pen finials are in reverse order of listing and previous photo.
  1. National Air & Space Museum Vega (SRR-1820) (refill: Retro 51 REF5P) #1815 $32
  2. Flare (Orange) (VRR-1968) (refill: Retro 51 REF5P) Not Numbered $27
  3. Flint (Blk Nickel) (VRR-1969) (refill: Retro 51 REF5P) Not Numbered $27
  4. Pen Chalet Train 119 (ZRR-1067) (refill: Retro 51 REF5P) #378 $42 (Withdrawn)
  5. Marco (XBP-20P6) (refill: Retro 51 REF5P) #549 $27
  6. Pen Addict Celebration Limited Edition, includes poster # $53 Poster will ship separately. (SOLD)
  7. Vaness Pens Katie Tattoos (Copper) (ZRR-1925) (refill: Retro 51 REF5P) #168 $53 (Withdrawn)
  8. Rosie (VRR-1956) (refill: Retro 51 REF5P) Not Numbered $32
  9. Museum of Natural History Dino Fossil Pen (SRR-1819) #2456 $27

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