Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – November 21, 2021

While the competition was fierce this week, which I really enjoyed, this was my favorite pen/ink of the week.

Like the previous week, journaling was non-existent this week. Instead, I used that time to work on the novel transcription. I’m clearly not going to reach the 50K word target, having reached 19,950 words. I should be over 33K words this point. I missed two days completely, Sunday & Tuesday. Thursday was my best day so far, with 2100 words. I wrote slightly more this week than last week.

I’m really enjoying the transcribing. I thought I would get bored with it. While my output is down from week 1, it’s not due to boredom. I especially enjoyed Thursday when I had two solid blocks of time. I wrote two pens dry, which gives me a nice rush for an unexplainable reason. I’m down to only four inked fountain pens, and the Esterbrook OS Estie is down to the ink left in the feed.

Of course, going through a lot of pens is a short time means I have to clean them. I’ve still got three pens in my cleaning queue. I want to avoid immediately re-inking them in order to use as many different pens as I can. This will be especially tough with the OS Estie Seaglass. I’m really enjoying the pen with R&K Blue-Black LE ink.

Current Reads, Watches & Listens

Reading/Transcribing: Out of Sight by Elmore Leonard. This is the book I’m transcribing. I’m only about 23% through it.


  1. Esterbrook Dip-Less – a dip pen, not a fountain pen. One of my favorites, but an inkwell required dip pen won’t be usable once I start traveling. I’d rather it be used than spend time in storage.
  2. Numerous Retro 51 Rollerballs: Terrabyte, Montana, Play Ball, Liftoff, Apollo Tribute, The System, Pen Addict Celebration, Franklin
  3. Sheaffer Balance II Crimson Glow

Out of Rotation

  1. Diplomat Aero Green 14kt Fine Nib. The pen performed okay with Waterman Purple ink, but it wasn’t as good as past use. I had been enjoying other pens so much that I was considering retiring this one early, but then it ran dry.
  2. Fisher of Pens Hermes fine Nib. Another problem pen, with inconsistent flow. Not to the point of skipping, just not as pleasant as past fills.It took forever to flush out, I had to sort to soaking the nib unit in pen flush. Since green is a favorite ink choice for this pen I’m not sure if it was the Waterman ink, or a poor cleaning of a previous ink.
  3. Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic, Gemstone, Extra-Fine. A gorgeous pen, as enjoyable to use as it is to look at.

Into Rotation



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