Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – March 6, 2022

My transcription was down a bit since last week, but other usage was up, so my fountain pen usage probably remained about the same. I’ve managed to use three or four pens on most days, so they all get used a couple of times per week. I have a nice mix of pens and inks, so I never hesitate to pick up the least recently used pen.

Inked pens, and how long they’ve been unused as of Saturday afternoon.

Atlanta Pen Show

The Atlanta Pen Show is coming up April 1st -> 3rd. I’ll be close enough to Atlanta that I’m considering going to this show. I really don’t want to get any new pens, but a re-supply of ink cartridges (yes, cartridges) and paper would be in order. BUT, Esterbrook has a new nib offering, and I love their pens and have enjoyed both their custom nibs so far. Needlepoint is right up my alley, so I may break down if I see one there. Although, the nibs don’t seem to be in the retail channel yet, and ot on the OS Esties even direct from Esterbrook. I’m mainly sticking to cartridges, except for my ink stalwarts: Montblanc Bordeaux, Montblanc British Racing Green, and my blue-blacks: Waterman Mysterious Blue and Pilot Blue-Black.

Although, my real incentive for visiting the show is to try and sell my vintage pens. I haven’t been using them, so I really need to consider passing them on. I’d much prefer selling them in person so that the buyer can inspect them. I don’t have a lot of confidence in my vintage knowledge and don’t want to innocently pass along a pen that has hidden (to me) issues or bad information.

Pen Sale Page Updated

My pen sale page is back up with a few pens. I’ll add more as I get a chance.


I’ve noticed that many of the images aren’t appearing in my posts. If you click the text where the image should be you will get the image in most cases. I’ll fix them as I come across them. If you come across a post and want to see the missing images, leave a comment on the post and I’ll fix it as soon as possible.

I was bitten by WordPress. It appears changing my theme, and image sizes, at the time I migrated was a bad idea. WordPress resizes images behind the scenes, and somehow things got screwed up. The original images are all still there.

Current Reads, Watches & Listens

Listened: Cibola Burn by James S.A. Corey. Book four of The Expanse. I finished this one early in the week. Since it’s my second time through it, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I found Holden less annoying than the previous book, I give it 5 out of 5 stars. No need to break for a Holden cleanse before moving on to the next book

Stopped Reading: Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandell. Civilization is destroyed by a virus. This is the story of a small group of survivors, about 20 years later. The story does jump between pre- and post-apocalypse. I gave up after getting about halfway through the book. It was a different take on a post-apocalyptic story which was refreshing. Yet the story kept jumping back and forth in time. While I don’t mind flashbacks, this seemed chaotic to me, and just made it hard for me to follow. Plus, I didn’t really care about the characters.

Read: One Good Day by David Baldacci. This is book one of his Archer series. Like Baldacci’s other books, the story grows from a seemingly simple crime, to a web of crimes. Unlike the Memory Man series, these crimes are all related and don’t involve nearly everyone in town. I rate this one 4 out of 5 stars. I enjoyed it and have moved on to book two.

Read Billy Summers by Stephen King. After bailing on Station Eleven I considered switching the The Stand by Stephen King, but I didn’t want to tackle such a long book, but wanted to stay with Stephen King. I really enjoyed this one and consumed this 500 page book within two days. Not your typical Stephen King horror or supernatural. It’s a thriller. 5 out of 5 stars.

Transcribing A Gambling Man by David Balducci. Book two of the Archer series. I may be transcribing this awhile, since I borrowed another book that has a long waiting list and won’t be able to extend my loan for them. I forget what I already read if I need to wait long for a second loan on a book.

Listening Nemesis Games by James S.A. Corey. Book five of The Expanse. All the character are in this one, although many are off on their own adventures, and the Rocinante crew is split up (by there choice). My memory says I really enjoyed this one, and after getting through about a third of it my memory has been accurate.

Reading: Our Woman in Moscow by Beatriz Williams. Historical Fiction. Spy thriller that runs from WWII into the 1950’s. To be honest, I don’t see it as much of a thriller (I’m about 45% into it.) The writing style took some getting used to. Yet another book that ping-pongs between a few timelines. I did get used it. Each chapter switches between twin sisters as the perspective used. Another woman, a Russian intelligence agent in Moscow, provides perspective in a few chapters.

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Out of Rotation


Into Rotation

  1. Diplomat Aero Volute (Oblique Fine) with Waterman Mysterious Blue


The Baltimore Pen Show is coming up on March 11th through the 13th.

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