Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – March 27, 2022

My fountain pen usage felt like it was lower this week than last. I don’t keep track enough to be sure. I suppose I could go back and count pages, but then that would make it more like work. My habit of writing in the morning has become ingrained. I had a busy Saturday and want to get an early start to beat the crowds, and I woke later than usual. So I was going to skip the morning journal entry, but I couldn’t do it. I had to write one page before setting out. Then I wrote another page when I got back. So while it feels lower, it still a daily habit which makes me happy.

A better indicator of my lower writing output is that my average “last used” has gone from a high of 1 day ago last week, to a median of 3.5 days ago this week.

My inked fountain pens as listed in Fountain Pen Companion.
My inked fountain pen status as of Saturday afternoon using fountain pen companion.

Atlanta Pen Show

I will be attending the Atlanta Pen Show this coming Friday and Saturday. Even though I’m only about 45 minutes away I decided to make a reservation for Friday night. This will give me an opportunity to socialize Friday night and not have to worry about a drive home. This can also be worded as the bar is not off-limits. I do plan to get a weekend pass, so I can return on Sunday if I want to. Or, less likely, extend the reservation.

I don’t have many specific plans.

I’ll try to get appointments for a couple of nib grinds. I have a Lamy Oblique Medium that’s even wetter than my original Lamy Oblique Medium. I want to get that one ground down to an oblique fine. I also want to get a needlepoint nib, although the pen is undecided. I have to avoid the urge to get multiple nibs done. Often, when I can’t decide on pens, nibs, inks, or many other things, I often say “I’ll take one of each, please.”

I’ll see what’s available with the new Esterbrook needlepoint nib. Although, I don’t really want another pen. I do see that Esterbrook sells just the nib on their website, but I’m more likely to get one of my two Esterbrook extra-fines ground to a needlepoint if I get a chance at the show.

I know I just wrote I don’t really want another pen, I could be tempted by the new Pear Green TWSBI Swipe. At about $27 it doesn’t really count, does it?

Finally, I’ll look around for some ink cartridges. I don’t have enough color choices for my standard international cartridges, especially when compared to the number of pens that can use them. This will be even more true if Faber-Castell cartridges give me more problems.

It’ll be interesting to see what else catches my eye.

My last in-person pen show was the Long Island Pen Show in March 2020, just as pandemic shutdowns were about to begin. I have to admit, I’m a little hesitant to join a crowd, even at this point, but barring bad news, that is the plan.

Housekeeping/Scheduling Update

Since I’ll be attending the Atlanta Pen Show next weekend the Trail Log may be delayed. I may also just post links on Sunday morning, and then do a more detailed followup later on Sunday or Monday. I usually do most of the Trail Log on Saturday afternoon, so there will be an impact for sure. I won’t be traveling to the show with my computer, and using my phone will result in even more typos than usual.

Current Reads, Watches & Listens

Listening: Nemesis Games by James S.A. Corey. Book five of The Expanse. Thanks to a lot of driving, I was able to finish this one off. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Stopped Reading: Dutch Girl by Robert Matzen. A biography of Audrey Hepburn during the five years of the Nazi Occupation. Last Sunday I said this book was mediocre so far, about 25% through it, but that I’d keep going. That became a lie by the end of Sunday. After enjoying a David Baldacci novel Saturday night and Sunday, finishing it off in two days, I decided to return Dutch Girl. I’m in no frame of mind to read about war atrocities. I may borrow the book again, when I’m in a suitable frame of mind. Yes, Baldacci novels have bad people doing bad things, but it’s fiction and my brain knows that.

Read: Zero Day by David Baldacci. Yes, another Baldacci novel. This is volume one in his Puller series. I was in the proper frame of mind to read a book last weekend (mostly Sunday) and I completed this one in two days. I’ll give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Reading: The Escape by David Baldacci. This is volume 3 of his Puller series. For some reason, the second volume had over 30 holds at my library (for only two copies) so skipped it and took volume 3 which was available immediately. I did borrow volume 2 as an audio book and will listen once this one is done. Two Puller books at the same time would confuse the heck out of me, even if they’re in different formats.

New Arrivals






Out of Rotation

  1. Diplomat Aero, Green, 14kt Fine was inked with a Montblanc Emerald Green cartridge back on January 19, 2022. It finally went dry this week.
  2. Spoke Design Icon, British Racing Green / Brass, (Extra-Fine) was inked with a Montblanc Petit Prince Red Fox cartridge back on January 7, 2022. I have three other pens that were inked that same day and they’re still going strong.

Into Rotation

  1. I attempted to have the Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic, Gemstone, (Extra-Fine) join the rotation, but the Faber-Castell Moss Green cartridge flowed through the nib into the cap, make quite a mess when I wrote. The pen hadn’t been jostled or carried nib down. While I hesitate to blame a brand, this is not the first Faber-Castell cartridge that has had this issue. I’ll clean it out and try a different brans of ink. This happened the morning I was setting out for a day of traveling, so I just cleaned it up as fast ass possible. I’ll inspect the pen more closely of course, but I don’t expect to see any visible problems.
  2. Pilot Vanishing Point, Cherry Bamboo, XXF was inked with a Pilot Blue-Black cartridge. Immediately after using it I had to question myself as to why it’s been five months since this pen had ink loaded.
  3. Sailor Professional Gear, Regency Stripe, Extra Fine was inked with a Sailor Shikiori Chu-Shu – cartridge.


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